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Evertonscope for Everton at Man City: Total Solar Eclipse Edition

A horoscope for Everton on how the eclipse will affect the game

Annular Solar Eclipse Observed Photo by JAXA/NASA/Hinode via Getty Images

Our resident psychic Rachel takes a lighthearted look at what Monday’s total solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States and into the Atlantic Ocean could mean for the Blues and talisman Wayne Rooney.

Everton’s game on Monday happens to occur at the same time as the total solar eclipse, which will be more visible in the United States, but England will get to view a partial eclipse right before sunset. So how will this affect the game on a psychic level? As a team, Everton must bring their absolute best; the planets (and Manchester City) will not have it any other way. Monday night football is the time to shine, and as the moon eclipses the sun, the players will have to provide the light with their fanciest footwork.

Towns In Midwest Prepare For Influx Of Tourists For Upcoming Eclipse Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

As a Scorpio, Wayne Rooney's call to destiny will be especially affected by Monday’s eclipse. He could’ve gone elsewhere for more money, but he chose to go back home to where it all started, the place where he feels he is meant to be. The game will be in Manchester so it will be a reminder to places he has been in the past.

There may be hurt feelings exasperated by the eclipse, which magnifies everything. He must be careful not to overstep his confidence but to remain professional despite all the possible hard feelings he may endure. Now is his time to show all of the things he has learned through his years of experience.

What does the eclipse mean for the fans? Just like the beginnings of a Premier League season, eclipses are a bit mysterious. How this game unfolds will affect how the rest of the season plays out, but it may not seem obvious at first. As a fan, have patience and remember that there are a lot of new faces and configurations yet to be figured out. We may not know the significance of the eclipse on this game until closer to the end of the season.