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With the Gylfi Sigurdsson transfer done, what else does Everton need?

Koeman says transfer business not done yet.

Iceland v Hungary - Group F: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

Hug your friends, tell family that you love them, and put your children in front of the TV so that they will always remember this day: the Gylfi Sigurdsson saga is finally over.

No more rumours that turn out to be completely false, no more speculation as to what the team should do if the deal falls through, no more haggling with a relegation threatened side over a measly £5m - Everton got their man.

Swansea City v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

And so, with this project completed, we ask ourselves what exactly Everton need to do in the now dwindling daylight of this summer window in order to ensure that their squad is at peak potential for the season that is already well underway. Here are some areas that still need to be addressed, and in order of priority:


For all that is good in the world, the Blues need a bona fide starting striker. Not only do they need a striker, it needs to be one who fits with Ronald Koeman’s shiny new creative purchase. Whether it’s from dead balls or from open play, Gylfi Sigurdsson specializes in finding big targets in a crowd, and the striker purchase should reflect this.

This isn’t exactly a deep insight, after all, Everton has been linked with what seems like every striker in Europe over six feet tall, but it is nevertheless true. This is the last big money buy the club needs, and if it takes £30m-£40m to get it done, so be it.

Left Back

Ideally, Everton would sign a player who can offer some coverage at both left back and centre back, but the left is the primary need. Leighton Baines is wonderful, but he’s not as young as he used to be and Koeman needs to start thinking about the future of that position, as well as how to keep Baines healthy and active for as long as possible.

Defensive Midfield

It is unclear whether Everton considers this need a priority, but as things currently stand, they are dreadfully thin on replacements for what Morgan Schneiderlin brings to the table.

Gareth Barry has left the club, Muhamed Besic is unproven, and James McCarthy mostly just rehabs at Goodison in between stints getting hurt with the Irish national team.

Morgan is the deep-lying playmaker, and Everton need someone who can at least approximate his long ball production (in completion percentage not merely in volume) in case something happens to him.


Not a lot of depth on the wings, at the moment. It’s rather unlikely that the Toffees buy anyone here but until Yannick Bolasie gets healthy, most of their options here are young and rather unproven, which is less than ideal.

What can we expect?

Keeping in mind what Ronald Koeman said at his press conference today -

"Our transfer business isn't done and everybody knows why. We are still looking for two positions to make the squad stronger than it is at this stage."

Blues fans should expect two more signings.

Everton will sign someone at striker (here’s hoping it’s the right player) and they’ll get the defender. The hope is that the defender who comes in can play some defensive midfielder as well - someone like Daley Blind would be perfect for that.

For the striker, Koeman will be hoping that Olivier Giroud is still a possibility, despite comments to the contrary by Arsene Wenger.

It may take an increased fee to get the Giroud deal done, but if it does fall through, there was an awful lot of chatter about the trip Everton executives took to Italy this past summer, so keep an eye on Serie A targets.

Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Buying a strong starting #9 should also fix the winger problem, because it would solidify Sandro Ramirez spending a lot of time wide, especially until Bolasie returns. Everton can cover four areas of need with two signings, as long as they are the right two players.