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The Olivier Giroud transfer to Everton is dead

Blues need to find a striker. Where to turn?

Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

We kind of knew when he came on to the pitch, and we all but knew when he put a thunderous header in the back of the net to win the season opener for Arsenal. It was confirmed after the game.

Olivier Giroud is staying at Arsenal Football Club.

After the Nikola Kalinic problem earlier this week, and now considering the Giroud news, Everton’s striker hunt is becoming very, very problematic.

Here’s the thing - the Blues have a good young striker that they bought this summer in Sandro Ramirez (who I think Koeman will actually end up putting out wide, but that’s a separate article), but the stated goal seems to be going after that big bodied “target man.”

Here are three potential options for Everton now that Arsene Wenger and Olivier Giroud have laid down the law.

Danny Welbeck, Arsenal

Here’s the problem - Welbeck actually started ahead of Giroud today and scored a goal of his own in the Arsenal game.

Other than the explicit statement that he isn’t moving, the same bad signs for a move to Everton are with Welbeck that are with Giroud. How Arsene Wenger plans on using all of his attackers is a legitimate puzzle, but all he has to do is make them all believe that he will use them all for another few weeks and neither Welbeck nor Giroud will be available for transfer.

Nicolai Jorgensen, Feyenoord

The Dane doesn’t score a ton with his head, but his hold up play is excellent. Jorgensen had eleven assists in the Eredivisie last year to go with his twenty-six goals.

Standing 6’3”, he’s big and strong, but the biggest question mark here is that in his mid 20s he’s really only had one year where he’s looked like a real striker. A cheap flyer might be worth it, here but he’s a bit of a risk if you ask me.

Edin Dzeko, Roma

The best option still available... or, best option without a sure fire defiant “no” hanging over his head, anyway.

Dzeko would be a bit pricey, especially since Roma on the brink of their league and Champions League participations. If Everton want the no doubt about it, bona fide starting striker, this is the buy.

Final thoughts

If it sounds like the Toffees are slim on options, it’s because they are. That’s what happens when you drag your feet and waste time zeroing in on one target for one position and ignoring preparations for another. Everton needs another striker, and they need to quit messing around about it.