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Seamus Coleman training again with Everton

Irishman making progress after horrific injury.

Crystal Palace v Everton - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

When Seamus Coleman returned to Finch Farm in April to begin rehabilitation from his horrific injury while serving on international duty, he had this to say:

“I’m a fighter and there’s a part of me that’s looking forward to this challenge.”

We knew it. The club knew it. Even Seamus knows - he’s a fighter, and he’s back in training with Everton Football Club.

As the bottom right picture shows, our favorite Irishman is back on the pitch, and even participating in resistance training. Moving past light jogging and ball work is significant progress, and could mean the club’s training staff is confident that the leg break is fully healed.

While it is tempting to look at these images with sheer relief given Everton’s situation at right back, let’s take a broader view for a moment. Seamus Coleman is an exemplary individual on and off the pitch, and just seeing him back in some form of good health is enough to warm the heart and swell the mood around the club.

There remains no real timeline for his return - it could be sooner than expected - but Seamus Coleman back on the pitch is a sight for sore eyes.