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Everton third kit for 2017-18 seemingly leaked to public

Blues’ alternate jersey is gorgeous.

Crystal Palace v Everton - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Sure, there are bigger kit sponsors than Umbro, but have you noticed that like 30 teams have that exact same Nike shirt? You know, the one with darker sleeves than the rest of the kit? It comes in all shades and colours but it’s the same idea.

Then you have the Adidas shirts, where you can find a AC Milan kit from a year or two ago and match it perfectly with a Real Madrid shirt from further back because those three stripes are always on the shoulders.

But here, in the third kit for Everton, Umbro has given us an instant classic that is bold and eye-catching, yet subtle and elegant at the same time. With deep blue stripes that offset dark purple ones, and a bright yellow lettering that offers some pop, this thing just hits all the right notes.

via FootyHeadlines

Plenty of people will get the classic blue with the Rooney 10 on the back and no one can blame them, it’ll be an iconic kit they can wear for years. But for those who have a stack of shirts at home with blues and the various whites and greys from over the years, this shirt gives you the chance to put something in your collection that is unique, and I expect it’ll play great when the lads are wearing it on the TV.

According to reports, the shorts and socks will match the dark blue in the shirt, and they’ll be trimmed in the yellow.

It certainly seems like Everton is hitting on all cylinders: big signings, new marketing deals, community service, and sharp looks on the pitch - not to mention the upcoming stadium build and the European campaign that is thus far successful.

Nil Satis, Nisi Optimum, indeed.