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Playing The Everton Way: Seamus Coleman proves class yet again

Irishman donates to a charity to battle homelessness.

Crystal Palace v Everton - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

60 grand, 60 grand, Seamus Coleman, 60 grand, 60 grand, I say, 60 grand, 60 grand, Seamus Coleman, Playing the Everton Way

Our man from Sligo has earned his place as a favourite among the club and it’s not just because of his strong performances on the right flank. The latest example of this is Seamus Coleman donating £7,680 to a group trying to combat homelessness in Liverpool, particularly among youth.

The proceeds go to a group called “Home is Where the Heart Is” and it’s a group that the people’s club has been involved in helping before, so even off the pitch Seamus is playing the Everton way. Twenty-three bikers are taking the 370km (230miles) round trip from Sligo to Everton and set their goal at £60,000, all in honour of Seamus Coleman. It was Coleman’s donation that brought them home to that mark.

If you’d like to get involved, you can do so by clicking here.

Playing football doesn’t matter if it is not being used to uplift the local community, and Everton have shown time and again that they understand this important concept, constantly giving back and helping grow the city of Liverpool both on their side of Stanley Park and in general. Results on the pitch are what make us cheer, but it’s things like this that make us proud to wear the badge.

Well done to Seamus Coleman and well done to Everton for consistently employing high class individuals who care about more than just kicking a ball around.