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New Everton away kit pictures leaked?

Is this another photoshop job, or real?

West Ham United v Everton - Premier League
Everton’s away kit in the 2015-16 season
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Everton are due to release their new 2017-18 season away kit on Monday 10th July, but pictures circulating on Twitter appear to show a leaked design that might very well be the second jersey.

When the club teased the new kit a few days ago, it appeared that Prince Rupert’s Tower was going to play a big part in the new design, which has been labeled with the hashtag #TogetherInspired - in recent days though the club has deleted that tweet.

Also, Everton look to have really missed a big marketing opportunity not unveiling latest signing Wayne Rooney in the new away kit tomorrow, but purists preferred seeing the prodigal son return in the classic royal blue so that worked out well.

If you take a closer look at this shirt, it appears to match the design scheme of the new home jersey with the shaded underarm area. Fans of clean designs will highly enjoy this if indeed it is real. Also, there is no homage to the Tower here - however last season we learned that might be a decoy after all the promo material for Everton’s 2016/17 away kit seemed to hint towards an orange kit.

Kit leak picture 1
Kit leak picture 2

These were our observations after watching Everton’s tease video for the away kit -

  • Just like paying homage to Dixie Dean with the new home threads, it looks like the Blues could be involving Prince Rupert’s tower in some way with this kit.
  • Gray was the dominant color in the video. Could we see something like this mockup?
  • #TogetherBlue was the mantra for the home kit release, and involved players like Ross Barkley and Tom Davies, known for their Liverpool upbringing. Is there anything to be read into #TogetherInspired?

Whatever the kit looks like, Evertonians will hope it doesn’t look anything like the last kit that heavily involved the color grey...

What do you think?