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Southgate: Wayne Rooney has revived his England career

Three Lions manager praises move to Everton

England Press Conference Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

There is no doubt that there is a laundry list of reasons Wayne Rooney wanted to depart Manchester United in this summer transfer window.

From being used out of position to lack of cohesion with the manager, the list is not a brief one, but let there be no doubt the main reason that Wayne Rooney left Manchester United and the wages he was getting behind to return to Everton:

Rooney wants to be part of the 2018 England World Cup squad.

It seems almost uncomfortable to think that Rooney wouldn’t be in the 23 man roster but with Rooney’s lack of momentum on the field, and his leadership only so valuable, the diminutive forward looked increasingly likely to be “Donovaned” (verb: to leave your respective heart, soul, and all-time leading scorer home in lieu of Brad Davis and Chris Wondolowski-esque players.)

According to England manager Gareth Southgate though, Rooney’s move to Everton has changed his prospects for the upcoming qualifiers and next summer’s competition in Russia.

Speaking to the Evening Standard Southgate pointed to the obvious increase in Rooney’s playing time that is bound to happen at Goodison:

The great thing for Rooney is that he will probably be playing more regular football and so it’s as simple as that

As a striker, and a goal poacher none the less at this point in his career, it is imperative that Rooney have the opportunity to get, and ultimately keep, his form in order to show that he can be a useful piece for the Three Lions moving forward.

Rooney is sure not to be a starter for England with the likes of Harry Kane manning the front lines, but if Rooney can show the ability to score consistently in the deepest league in the world then Southgate is sure to bring the country’s all-time leading goal-scorer along to Russia.

Southgate even admits, his options are limited

In the League we only have 70 English players, and so we certainly aren’t ruling anybody out

With the likes of everyone from Jermain Defoe to West Brom’s Jake Livermore getting a look (and start!) recently it is not any kind of stretch to imagine Rooney back in an England kit now, and next summer.