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“Alfie’s Army” Hoping for a miracle

Infant Everton fan in a fight for his life.

Alfie Evans is 13 months old. When he was born, everything seemed fine. But then his parents realized that he was not developing the way a small infant should. Alfie started having seizures and eventually was placed into a coma for his own safety. No one is sure what is wrong with Alfie but his parents are desperate to find a cure for his condition so that he can live a happy and healthy life.

On July 28th, Alder Hey Childrens’ Hospital officials will meet with Alfie’s parents to try to decide what the best course of action is for Alfie’s treatment. The family is worried that the hospital will recommend termination of Alfie’s life. A petition exists to encourage the hospital to keep him alive.

Over 21,000 people have joined a Facebook group in support of Alfie and his family and crowdfunding has been started to help this family with anything that they need.

So how can Everton fans support their small compatriot Alfie? By joining the Facebook group and offering the family support, and helping fund the crowdfunding venture to help diagnose what is wrong with Alfie to begin with. You can also Tweet your encouragement to the family with the hashtag #AlfiesArmy.

Some things are just bigger than football. We’re all hoping you get better, Alfie!