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Are Everton pulling a bait and switch with their kits again?

The club has misdirected fans before

Everton v Watford - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

While the transfer rumor gets the bulk of the coverage in the summer, the unveiling of new kits and the anticipation leading up to them have become a bit of a show in and of itself.

Don’t believe me?

Chelsea used FIFA 18 to unveil their kits via twitter:

Then they followed it up with an AGGRESSIVE marketing launch, including some members of the popular band Gorillaz:

Side note: Those kits are BEAUTIFUL.

Now, while Everton are now shopping in the premium market for players, the clubs kit rollouts have not been the most enthusiastic of affairs.

Sure, they make videos, like the one they did for the unveiling of this year’s home kits:

Sure, it’s a cool video....but there wasn’t a lot of buildup to it, and after the video and subsequent public launch featuring Phil Jagielka and Idrissa Gana Gueye, the momentum for the kits seems to have sputtered out.

There is a lot of blame to go around there, with Everton business and marketing arms choosing to SEVERELY limit the access to the kits, it’s no wonder the excitement didn’t last long.

So, what DOES Everton like to do with their kit unveilings??

Well, let’s take a look at the teaser for the upcoming away kit reveal July 10th:

Of course, once that teaser video hit the airwaves, the conjecture began about new grey kits, in mostly unflattering ways:

Or even this gem.....

The overwhelming response was one of trepidation in anticipation of another underwhelming kit.

Have no fear though Everton quickly you forget!!!!

Let’s go back almost exactly a year ago to the teaser picture for Everton’s third kit this past season:

Once that picture was released, the anticipation (and fear) of a gaudy Orange kit overwhelmed fans.

Leaked images didn’t help:

However, after all the hand-wringing and concern, what did the Toffees away kit ultimately look like?

After all the fuss, Everton ended up not dressed as traffic cones, but rather wearing sleek, black kits with orange ACCENTS.

So does that mean that Everton have done the same thing here?


Maybe not.

They could go grey, but it also seems a little TOO obvious from that release. I mean there are no other colors. It would be TERRIBLE marketing to get your fans nervous, then DOUBLE DOWN on the one thing that got them nervous in the first place!

The point is that regardless of rumors, just like a signing isn’t real until the player is holding up an Everton kit.

So let’s be patient and hope that future Toffes signings are holding up a kit as quality as they are!