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Everton should break the bank for Gylfi Sigurdsson

The Swansea man may have been deemed ‘priceless’ by his club, but that shouldn’t stop the Toffees

Swansea City v Everton - Premier League Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

The speculation and chatter around Everton’s interest in Gylfi Sigurdsson has only grown since the Toffees made a failed attempt to scoop up the Swansea City’s creative force in January.

Since then, Everton fans have debated the merits in bringing in the Swans midfielder.

His skillset has been broken down and analyzed.

He has been compared to Ross Barkley...... A LOT.

But no debate rages louder than:

How much is too much to pay for Gylfi Sigurdsson?

It’s a question that Everton fans are learning to both ask AND answer themselves as they learn the ropes of being a big spender.

When rumors that the Toffees had submitted a failed £27 million bid bubbled up in the media, fans went to twitter to express their feelings.

Some are weary of chasing the Swans midfielder too far up the money tree:

While others were less apprehensive about the price tag:

Before 18 months ago, the idea that Everton would even CONSIDER bidding that much for ANY player, much less Sigurdsson, would get you laughed out of the Blue side of Liverpool.

In fact, check out this gem I found on the twitter machine:

I could write a whole article breaking down that tweet, but the point is that we now reside in a different world.

As it stands now there is a real possibility that our beloved Toffees WILL table a bid of at least £30 to go after Gylfi.

But should we?

While I can appreciate the concern some have with what seems like a HUGE number for a Swansea player, I also JUST DON’T GET IT.

For years, Everton fans decried the boards continued dedication to digging out deals for players on the backside of their career, or those from the depths of the lower leagues

From Seamus Coleman to Gareth Barry, Everton fans were forced to skip right past the premium offerings like a teenager at a car lot.

Everton might want to find a hidden gem, but with limited funds the deciding factor always seemed to be the ability of any purchase to do the most basic of jobs, not whether they might be a destiny-changing player.

Rom was nice, but that more had to do with the perfect storm of Everton being the best option for a loan and Mourhino being an idiot.

Otherwise, players who did sign always seemed to be dependable players:

Cleverly, Oviedo etc....

but lacked any MAJOR upside.

Things are different now, however.

First off, I have always been perplexed by fans concern over the amount spent on transfer fees.

While not wanting to embarrass the club by wildly overspending in a panic (Niasse), Everton has no salary cap nor any real concern this season with Finacial Fair Play, so the ownerships willingness to spend to improve should be lauded not questioned.

Spending £35 on Gylfi Sigurdsson might seem ludicrous, and fans saying that there are much cheaper, younger (Gylfi is only 27 FYI) options who COULD produce the same as him ARE technically right.

So who are they?

Who are these magical players hiding throughout Europe that fans believe will come in and produce in the most balanced league in the world with anywhere NEAR the proven efficiency that Gylfi has?

If people are so certain they exist, I would appreciate it if they would share this information with the Toffees board so that they can get to signing them.


Isn’t next year about making the top four??

Then why are fans clamoring for under the radar signings that may or may not work out, but will cost a lot less?

Aren't we through shopping in the bargin bin hoping to find something special no one else saw?

Gylfi Sigurdsson played on a team with 3 coaches last season that I would argue were even less talented than one if not two of the teams that were ultimately relegated.

How did he do?

He accounted for 22 goals!!


For perspective, Toffees fans are DEMANDING that we let Romelu Lukaku go for no less than £80-£90 million.


Because he had a hand in 31 goals!!!

So is goal creation on a progressive scale?

£30 million for the first 20 goals created or scored, but £50- £60 million for the next 10?

I know, I know being a top level striker and being a creative midfielder are different, but when it comes to money and production they aren’t.

Everton fans want to hold Lukaku ransom because he chipped in a lot of goals and assists for a quality side who qualified for Europe, but then scoff at the notion of paying the same (or lesser rate) for a player who was just as productive on a far less talented team in the same league.

You can’t have it both ways.

I for one believe that Sigurdsson is EXACTLY the type of buy that Everton needs to be making.

The club offers increased wages, European competition, and a chance for hardware and in return Everton gets a MOTIVATED AND PROVEN Premier League goal scorer and creator who will shine even brighter playing in a far superior side.

Now THAT’S priceless.