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A WAY too in-depth look at Lukaku’s Instagram post.

Can we determine the striker's true intent from a :30 video? Yes, yes we can.

As a Toffee fan, and operating under the assumptions you are a human being and were alive yesterday, you undoubtedly saw the SALACIOUS video Romelu Lukaku posted on his Instagram account.

That’s RIGHT!

Professional soccer player Romelu Lukaku had the gall to go play a 5-a-side pickup game during his off season trip to the US.

In his desire to play, it seems as though he took the opportunity to also state his intention to play for Chelsea by PLAYING ON A FIELD WITH CHELSEA BOARDS!!

This, of course, set both Everton and Chelsea twitter alight.

So much so, in fact, that Rom himself responded.

Ok Rom....we believe you....

Now, playing on a that particular field might not seem like a big deal, but if you do a little research, you will find out that the facility they were playing at, @us5center has 10 fields.

That’s right, traveling halfway across the world, it appears Lukaku reached out ahead of time and told the facility to set aside the Chelsea field for his off the cuff pickup game.

As bad as his use of the facility was, I would argue his body language and decision making during the EXTENSIVE Instagram video tells an even more ominous story.

First, let’s start at the beginning with Rom’s free kick goal:

Even though he is playing on a team with Samir Nasri, it appears as though Lukaku has had just about enough of watching Leighton Baines and Ross Barkley underwhelm the crowd with their service.

He is taking this free kick to let Koeman know that the dutchman may have been pretty good in his day, but Rom should have been taking free kicks from day one and is sending a statement of intent to his (presumed) new manager Conte.

Move over Willian, Rom’s coming to town.

Now, after putting away the free kick, and not playing any defense, Rom’s keeper recovers the ball.

What does the #9 do?

Checks back and wide of course.

Harking back to his glory days under Roberto Martinez, (or more specifically that one Arsenal match Bobby made a good tactical decision and lined up Rom out wide), it’s obvious the Belgian has had just about enough of poor (or non existent) wide play from the Toffees.

So, taking things into his own hands, Rom does his best Gerard Deulofeu impression and crows loudly for the ball after doing absolutely nothing in defense.

In this situation, unluckily for Rom, he is playing with a keeper who, inspired by our Pickford videos, seeks out a long release ball to the aforementioned Nasri.

How does Rom respond?

He shows that unmistakable Chelsea hustle and heart, immediately takes 1 step forward and calls for the ball again.

Unmistakably Chelsea.

Coming in loud and clear Rom.

Now, just like the keeper, Nasri (doing his best Mirallas impression) chooses to ignore Lukaku and attempts to dribble everyone, including his own teammates and maybe a fan or two, eventually trans versing the entire pitch.

How does Rom respond?

Ignoring his Everton training, which would have had him hustle into the box, Rom again takes the opportunity to express his desire to play as a wide player/ second forward by doing absolutely nothing and asking for the ball again.

Not only does this allow Rom to show is disdain for Koeman-type hustle, but as he knows where he is being filmed from it also keeps as many Chelsea logos in the screen as possible.

For those Everton fans who were able to stomach everything they’ve seen so far and stuck around for the finale of the :30 video, Rom and one more CLEAR message to Koeman and Co.

Holding as the deepest player on the field, Romelu found himself the sole outlet for Nasri as the Sevilla midfielder ran out of space.

Lining up for a deep shot, Lukaku shows that the Toffees inability to score from outside of the 18 wasn’t HIS fault!

As the ball struck the back of the goal, it wasn’t just the net that was reverberating, but also Lukaku’s message, as Toffees supporters everywhere took in Rom’s not so subtle hint loud and clear, and didn’t like what they heard.

If it wasn’t clear enough before, this grainy :30 video only drives home Lukaku’s feelings:

Dissatisfaction with his positioning, yearning to play deeper and wider, dislike of hold up play, desire to take free kicks and most importantly, his clear intention to leave Goodison Park.

Sorry Everton fans, doesn’t look like the big Belgian wants to stick around, and your hysterical and emotional reactions to this video are totally vindicated.