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Everton targeting Italian U-21 star as part of Lukaku replacement squad?

Toffees linked to another striker in effort to ease possible loss of Belgian talisman

Czech Republic v Italy - 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

In the never-ending search to replace a player (Romelu Lukaku) who has yet to, and may never, leave, it appears another name has entered the fray.

According to Italian paper Il Messaggero the Toffees have expressed interest in Italian striker Domenico Berardi, currently on Poland with the Azzuri’s U-21 side fighting for a European Championship.

The article also cites the source as saying that while the Toffees are in the race, Berardi favors a move to Roma, who have also apparently expressed interest.

The Toffees underdogs on the transfer market?

Who would have guessed it!

So, assuming that this young man sees the errors of his ways and Everton are successful, what would the young striker bring to the table?

Well, playing his trade in Serie A with Sassuolo last season, the 22-year old starred as a wide player, spending most of the time as a right winger:

In only 16 appearances, the Italian striker had a hand in 11 goals, not a shabby return for a young player in Serie A.

So what type or player is he?

Well, apparently quite a talented one, wielding a diverse skill set.

As someone who is possibly being tapped to replace Everton’s Lukaku’s goals from last season, it’s always nice to know that he is considered both a strong finisher and someone who creates well for his teammates.

Toss in an affinity for set pieces and it’s fairly obvious why Koeman and Co. would be at least sniffing around the youngester to see if a move is feasible.

His weaknesses aren’t too surprising either, considering his position.

As a wide player he won’t be expected to the hold up the ball like Lukaku tries to do does, and his propensity for a tackle (and a foul) will only endear him to the the Goodison faithful and Koeman alike.

Citing nastiness as a missing ingredient in his side, the Dutchman has compelled his team to develop a nastier streak, and that includes having his attacking players get involved in the dirty work as well.

While Berardi won’t be a name that will immediately satisfy Toffee’s fans thirst for a like-for-like replacement for Lukaku should he leave, the young Italian does offer up a skill set sorely needed in the side:

A dynamic wing player that creates for others (whether it be via crosses or though balls) AND scores goals.

Plus, he TOTALLY passes the youtube test: