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Dan Meis shows some really early ideas of new Everton Stadium

Initial sketches of Bramley-Moore stadium revealed

Bramley-Moore Docks
Royal Blue Mersey

Architect Dan Meis has been very vocal recently about a lot of the design features that he wants to prioritize at the new Everton stadium to be built on Bramley-Moore Dock. Among the key concepts he has discussed is the atmosphere, with the focus on having steep stands that put the fans ‘on top of’ the action to create an intimidating environment, much like the ‘bear pit’ reputation Goodison Park has earned over the years.

In a presentation to the prospective Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise FC Cincinnati, who currently play in the United Soccer League (USL), Mr. Meis revealed some early designs of what he and his team have in mind for the new Everton stadium.

If you watch the video for the next few minutes while Mr. Meis speaks, he reveals what he calls some “really early ideas” for the stadium of the “real peoples’ club in Liverpool”. He goes on to say the designs for Everton haven’t been exposed as yet, and talks of the input he has received from fans and taking into consideration the history of the club as well in the design process.

Everton Stadium concept
Meis Architects

While not very clear due to the glare, the first picture shows what appears to be a concourse under a stand.

Everton Stadium concept
Meis Architects

The next picture pays homage to the location of the stadium on the docks, with the lit-up arena seen reflecting possibly in the River Mersey.

Everton Stadium concept
Meis Architects

The last image shows the inside of the stadium, and in particular the pitch and the stands - this topic has been the cause of much angst among fans in recent weeks as news of a temporary athletics track for the Commonwealth Games 2022 bid was made public.

As can be seen in the picture though, Mr. Meis has stuck to his word about having the fans as close the pitch as possible. Fears of a ‘bowl’ layout for the stadium are also unfounded if this design idea is to be finalized, as clear stands can be seen and none of the rounded, Curva-style canopy-covered design that is favoured by Italian sides like AS Roma whose stadium Meis is also building.

Further into the video he also talks about how to create an intimidating atmosphere using the design, and once again speaks very prominently of the new Everton stadium - “very large, very steep, right on top of the pitch” and the design “gives you the opportunity to create a lot of noise in the stadium to really affect the game”.

While these are early designs and a lot may change between now and the final approval of the stadium design, what is very clear is that Mr. Meis is being true to his word that he will do everything he can to preserve the atmosphere of Goodison Park when the Blues move to their new home on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey.

A big shoutout to the loyal Everton and FC Cincinnati supporter who chose to remain unnamed and tipped us off about the designs that Mr. Meis showed the FC Cincinnati fans.