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What does Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid mean for Everton?

The superstar has indicated he will be leaving La Liga this summer

Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final
Cristiano Ronaldo
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

In the light of the tax evasion scandal that Cristiano Ronaldo is facing in Spain, he has said that he could be leaving Real Madrid this summer. This piece of news has set the world of football alight as speculation starts to mount about what his next destination could be.

We would be remiss in our responsibilities as an Everton blog if we didn’t ask what his decision could mean for Everton, and there is a simple answer -

Absolutely nothing, get your head out of the clouds you maniac.

This picture up here? It’s not happening. Ronaldo will not be moving to Everton even if owner Farhad Moshiri offers him a billion pounds. Two billion even. However, where he decides to go next could have a domino effect on the summer transfer market, and that is about where his move could influence the Toffees.

Manchester United has been brought up as a possibility, as he comes back to the club that he left so many years ago. Antoine Griezmann turned down the Red Devils, and they still need an outright No. 9, despite Alvaro Morata being linked with the vacancy. Ronaldo in a Zlatan Ibrahimovic-esque role would be an interesting possibility.

And in that case, do Real hold on to Morata, or sell him to Chelsea instead? Antonio Conte is a self-avowed fan of Morata’s, but would he want him instead of Romelu Lukaku? Or will Real look towards the future and try to get Lukaku themselves while also being linked with youngster Kylian Mbappe.

Either way, we’ll wait to see if Ronaldo moving changes vacancies at key teams or inflates the prices in this transfer window any more than has already happened.