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Why Everton shouldn’t sign Wayne Rooney - Toffees Tuesday Mailbag

Answering your most relevant, and irreverent, Everton questions.

Is it July 1st? Can we start signing players?

Heck, I’ll take JUNE 1st, at least then we can sign domestically based players at least! (I’m looking at you Pickford!)

Whatever the date it is, just please don’t make me watch another performance like that.

Toffee twitterland was none-too-pleased about the squad’s (lack of) effort against Swansea, and they made sure the players knew it.

Some accused the team of being on vacation already...

I certainly understand fans displeasure with the team starting to wind down, especially with no European, or extensive cup runs, to wear the team down.

I will leave it to much smarter, more emotionally charged fans to debate how the team should or shouldn’t be chastised and what to expect for the last few weeks.

Instead, let’s dive into some of your questions and help fill the time until the summer window starts!

Now to your questions!

I am happy to report that everyone’s favorite tattooed, hard-tackling, Gareth Bale-catching Bosnian is healthy and back in action!

Working his way back from injury, Besic has been a mainstay in the U-23 squad as he gets his fitness back to the appropriate levels.

In fact, he went the full 90 last week before notching another 55 or so yesterday in the loss to Liverpool, a sure sign he is getting his legs back underneath him.

With all the changes that have (and will) taken place in the midfield, I am INCREDIBLY interested in finding out what Koeman thinks of the Bosnian midfielder, and how Besic fits into his plans.

I see two possible outcomes:

1. Koeman is happy with Besic, but wary of depending upon the midfielder due to his injury history, ships him off on loan to get game time.

2. Koeman keeps Besic on the squad and gives him ever-increasing minutes as a role-player and spot starter.*

*(Koeman could still loan him in January).

Besic’s ceiling seems high (based off limited appearances), but how patient Koeman and Walsh are with him is the million-dollar question.

While Besic hasn’t PLAYED a ton, he has been under Koeman’s watch for a while, starting primarily when the rehabbing midfielder was taken on the team’s warm weather trip.

If I HAD to issue a guess on what will happen I think Koeman will go with #2 because Besic ALWAYS brings it, and I think the Dutchman can’t have too much nastiness in his team.

I’m going to confess.

When the rumors of Rooney to Everton started to build momentum, I got on board and tried to get excited. (Unsurprising of course as I tend to be an optimist..but I digress)

I figured with his career, how bad off would we be?

Oh, don’t be bashful Wayne, you’ve done well for yourself over the past 15 years.

I even found myself rationalizing his return.

“He will only be 31 when next season kicksoff!”

“It will be a free transfer!”

“His European experience will be SORELY needed!”

“His hair can plug the holes he can’t!”

It wasn’t so much that Rooney excites me (he doesn’t), it’s just that I DO have trust in Koeman and Walsh and therefor assumed they knew he had more in the tank than we did, or had a very special plan to utilize his still ever present ball striking talents.

Then he started playing regularly again.

After falling out of favor, the loss of Zlatan forced Rooney back into the rotation for the Red Devils.

He even started the HUGE matchup with Arsenal.

How did he do against the Gunners?

Great match Wayne.





Nothing about his performance makes him seem like a good fit with the current Everton squad.

He doesn’t cover much ground (missing the tackle when he does), can’t beat defenders off the dribble, and doesn’t create scoring chances for himself OR his teammates.

While he also still has some beautiful dead ball skills, they aren’t worth 150,00 pounds a week.

So as I was saying, after initially being in support of the move (partially so I wouldn’t grumble when it happened), I now find myself PRAYING that the Everton board has been seeing the performances Rooney has been putting together recently and have a change of heart.

While I can understand the draw of signing Rooney: he will draw attention to the club both domestically and internationally, I also think that it could backfire GREATLY.

With Everton looking to forge a new future, I just don’t see how going back in time over a decade serves the club at all. His presence will stifle both player AND leadership development.

While Rooney has HISTORY of success, I hope the Toffees focus on players with a FUTURE of it instead!

Rom has now checked out

His head is floating away

Are his days numbered?

You know what you should make of those rumors?


If we start now I think we should be able to whip up enough cash to convince Chelsea to make a run next year with Michy Batshuayi and Morata as their forwards assuming Diego Costa is shipped off to China, like I believe he will be.

But really.

While I would love to think that Lukaku’s old London club are starting to get the picture and are going to give up on pursuing our Golden Toffee, I also know that there is no way that happens.

While Lukaku still has his flaws, they are now scarce enough to be worth ANY big club’s investment. SOME team is going to step up with an offer that Everton won’t be able to say “NO” to.

Whether it is 90 or 100 million, Spurs have shown that sometimes you must take one step back to take 10 steps forward.

While I certainly love Lukaku and PRAY he stays around, I am becoming increasingly resigned to losing his services this summer, especially with Koeman and Walsh seen scouring Europe for strikers.

What does it mean for the Rom-O-Meter Adam?