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Everton at Swansea City: Writer Prediction League

Unlike Everton, our writers have it all to play for with three matches to go

Everton v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Everton may be locked into seventh place in the Premier League, but the participants in our writer prediction league still have plenty left to compete for as the season draws to a close!

Last week’s drubbing at the hand of Chelsea may have been tough for supporters to watch, but it significantly leveled the playing field as our little league concludes. As you can see below, a fair number of us were rewarded for our lack of faith in Everton against the likely champions. Our correct picks are in bold.

Brian L., Chris, Matt, Mike, and I all correctly predicted that Everton would lose to Chelsea, but none of us foresaw the sizable nature of the defeat. Chris was also rewarded for his unconventional opening goalscorer pick, earning an extra point in the process.

Those results have us poised for a very interesting final few weeks — take a look at the league standings below.

I have once again closed the gap on Calvin at the top of the table to a single point, though Calvin has remained the leader for several weeks now. Mike and Tyler remain in striking distance as well, though they’re going to have to get more right than wrong in the final few weeks of the season to have a realistic shot of catching Calvin or I.

We’ve got a fair bit of dissent among our writers on how Saturday’s match at Swansea City will play out, so a lot could change in the table this week! Our predictions are below.

Six writers, including Mike and Tyler, have chosen Romelu Lukaku as their opening goalscorer, while Calvin and I have both selected Swansea players — Fernando Llorente and Gylfi Sigurdsson, respectively.

Lukaku and Ross Barkley each received three man of the match votes — again, Mike and Tyler were in agreement there, while Calvin and I went off the grid with Idrissa Gueye and Tom Davies.

Six writers predicted an Everton win, three a draw, and two a Swansea victory. Again, Mike and Tyler, who are chasing the top two, were in agreement with an Everton victory, while Calvin predicts a draw, and I foresee an Everton loss at the Liberty Stadium.

If things go right for Mike and Tyler, they could entirely close the gap on the leader this week; if things go right for Calvin, he could put substantial distance between himself and the pack; if things go right for me, I could get a firm grasp on the lead with two weeks to play.

The Toffees may have little left to play for, but our writers have a lot to think about going into their match against Swansea this weekend!