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City punished for tapping up Everton youngster

League slaps ban and fine for breach of League rules

Everton v Manchester City - Premier League
Pep Guardiola
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Premier League have levied a two year ban on signing youth players for Manchester City following an investigation into accusations of the club ‘tapping up’ youngsters on other clubs, one of them being an 11-year-old Everton youth.

As reported in the Independent, City were found guilty of making approaches for two young players under contract with other clubs. They have been fined £300,000 and banned from signing players aged from under-10 to under-18 levels and registered with either Premier League or EFL clubs over the previous 18 months for a period of one year, with a three-year probation period after that. The ban does not prevent the Mancunians from signing any players in that age bracket from Europe however.

Liverpool were hit with a similar ban and fine last month for an identical violation as well. All transfers between two Academies deemed as Category 1 have to go through the Premier League’s five-step process, and in an extensive investigation the body found that City had had flouted the rules.

Per the statement released by the Premier League:

“Evidence of contact between the club and members of each Academy player’s family while those Academy Players were still registered with their previous clubs.”

Of the two, one was an 11-year-old signed from Everton. That transfer has now been canceled with City paying the full compensation making the youngster a free agent.In addition, City will pay his school fees for an unnamed duration.

The second youngster is a 15-year-old from Wolverhampton Wanderers, who will stay with City for next season before taking his GCSEs in June 2018 and then become a free agent.

The names of the players have been withheld to protect them.