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Sigurdsson shining playing as no. 10

Q&A with Swans blog SOS Fanzine

Watford v Swansea City - Premier League
Gylfi Sigurdsson
Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

The Everton fans’ interest in Iceland international Gylfi Sigurdsson has been growing in recent weeks, and Swansea City are hit with the drop it is more than likely that the player will be on his way.

We spoke with our old friend Steven, who is the managing editor over at Swansea Oh Swansea, about how their season has been going.

RBM - After what looked like a good start, Paul Clement saw the Swans get dragged back into the mire. What happened?

SOS - Hard to say why we slumped to only 1 point in 6 games from mid March. We may have become complacent but the truth is we just didn't play very well. Also Fernando Llorente got injured and missed a few games which also hurt us. Either way that slump looks costly at the moment.

RBM - Beyond just winning games, what will Swansea need to do tactically/strategically to stay up?

SOS - We need to keep doing what we've done in last two matches. Stick with same team and formation, we've been better since switching to a midfield diamond - it allows Gylfi Sigurdsson to play as a number 10 rather than be wasted out wide. Leon Britton has also done well since his recall. If we perform as we did in the Stoke City and Manchester United games we have a chance, go back to the six games before and we're in big trouble.

RBM - What does the remaining schedule look like? How about for the Swans’ competition in the relegation scrap?

SOS - Saturday looks huge, Hull City play before us and their home to Sunderland which you'd expect them to win. If that happens we really need three points as we'll go more than a win behind them otherwise with just two games left. After that the fixtures favour us, we have Sunderland away and West Bromwich Albion at home, they have Crystal Palace away and Tottenham Hotspur home. Ideally we will be two points behind them going into last day, that way a win over West Brom would mean they have to beat Spurs as we have the better goal difference. Plus I actually fear it being in our own hands on the final day, if it is Clement will go defensive. He took Llorente off for a centre half with half an hour left against Stoke, when you do that you're asking for trouble. He was lucky they missed a penalty at 1-0!

RBM - Gylfi Sgurdsson is one of the key players for Swansea, but who else will be important in these last few games left?

SOS - Llorente, with good service he is deadly. Britton as well, he's such a calming influence in midfield even at the age of 34. The other player is probably Lukasz Fabianski, despite having let in 69 goals he's had a good season which says a lot about our defence!

RBM - What can Everton expect at the Liberty this weekend? Are the fans still believing in the team? Will they show up?

SOS - I'm expecting a lively atmosphere with it being such a big game, plus it's a half five kick off which means extra drinking time! The fans still believe after the last two performances that we can get out of trouble and I'm hopeful we'll show up. If we do we can get a positive result.

RBM - How do you see the game going, tactically? Are the Swans going to be cautious or all-out attack looking for goals?

SOS I think we'll go for it a bit but not too much. As I said earlier Clement is cautious by nature. It may depend on how Hull do, if they win he will have to show more ambition. If we score first we are likely to back off and try to counter attack rather than go for it. If you get a goal he'll have to go for it.

Our thanks to Steven as always, and best wishes to the Swans as they attempt to stay in the Premier League.