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“Life and health is more important” - Ronald Koeman pledges full support to Aaron Lennon

Koeman says Everton will do all they can to help Lennon make a healthy recovery

Everton v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ronald Koeman vows everyone at Everton will do all they can to support Aaron Lennon and help him make a full recovery from his stress related illness.

Lennon is currently receiving treatment in hospital after being sectioned under the Mental Health Act following an incident in Manchester on Sunday.

Lennon has since been inundated with messages of support as the football community rallies round the former Tottenham winger.

When asked for an update on Lennon’s condition during his pre-Swansea press conference, Koeman said everyone at the club is behind the 30-year-old:

"As you know Aaron has a stress related illness and it's a private situation what happened.

"We will try to give him all the support so he can come back as soon as possible. We are in contact with him and his family, and it will be between us, the player and his family.

"We work with every player to help them to improve as a footballer and if we find - or he feels a problem - mental or any problem, we have people who can help players.

“of course we'd like to see him (Lennon) back but the most important thing is he can be like he was.

"Life and health is more important than football."

Lennon’s illness highlights the pressures facing modern footballers and the responsibility of clubs to support their staff.

Koeman believes there are greater external pressures on footballers these days but says there is help available at Everton should they seek it:

"Yes in one side because of the whole social media. It's different than it was 20 years ago and that's of course pressure. There's also more football, more games and international football.

"From what I've seen here and at Southampton too, there are people to help.

"You need open communication with players too and people to support them if they have a mental problem."

The player’s former club Tottenham Hotspur as well as multiple figures in sports have tweeted their support for Lennon in his time of need.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from mental health issues, please visit where you can find information, guidance and much more on the subject.