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Everton must make fundamental changes if they are to challenge in the Premier League

Everton’s move for Jordan Pickford has highlighted their flaws once again

Everton v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Sixth Round Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

You’re going to get bored of hearing it but this summer is set to be a big one for Everton. It simply has to be if the club is to avoid falling as they have done in the past.

Backed by Farhad Moshiri’s millions, the hope is that the club can finally show some muscle and push themselves forward as genuine top-four challengers next season.

With the top six clubs likely to spend big, Manchester City are already flexing their muscles, the gap between Everton and the rest could end up as a chasm if the Blues do not keep up the pace.

If they are to do so, though, big changes are needed across the board. No more so than when it comes to how they handle their transfer dealings. The move for Jordan Pickford is an obvious evidence of that.

If reports are to believed, Everton have opened the bidding for the highly rated young ‘keeper at £8 million. That’s despite the fact Sunderland have priced him at £30million.

As one North East based journalist put it, the reported bid comes off as an insult rather than a serious offer. While Sunderland fans were laughing at it, Everton fans were breathing sighs of exasperation. It seems like some things never change.

Sunderland v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Outwardly the club are insisting they want to make strides and challenge at the top but inside the corridors of power, it seems the same old mantra is in place.

While it would be stupid to bid £30 million off the bat - Pickford is nowhere near worth that price – making a bid as derisory as £8 million just makes a laughing stock of the club.

Why could they not just offer the £15 million the report states they’re willing to go to? Why are they continuing to carefully manage the purse strings when such careful management is supposedly no longer needed?

It was something that was highly frustrating in the January pursuit of Morgan Schneiderlin in which they haggled over pennies in that deal also. Only Ronald Koeman’s outward frustrations appeared to change the tide and get the deal over the line.

By acting in the manner they have, those in power have only raised more questions about the bright new future being sold to the masses. They’re missing a giant opportunity to silence the detractors and make a statement of intent.

It’s easy to imagine that fans aren’t the only ones feeling irritated either. Koeman and Steve Walsh must be wondering what they’ve signed up for.

Both thought they were joining a big club with big ambitions but everything so far has indicated that is far from being the truth. Instead, it’s the same club who are happy to simply be the best of the rest.

If Everton do genuinely have the desire to be a big club then they need to start acting like one. Empty promises from the likes of Robert Elstone and Bill Kenwright just won’t wash with the fans anymore.