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Everton vs Watford: Writer Prediction League

RBM is bullish on the Toffees’ chances in their final home match of the season

Watford v Everton - Premier League Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

All season long, your favorite RoyalBlueMersey bloggers have been entertaining you with our usually comically poor predictions of every Everton match.

Perhaps fortunately for us, there are only two matches remaining in the Toffees’ season, meaning only two more chances to make fools of ourselves! The end of the season can’t come fast enough, both for us and for Everton, after last week’s uninspiring loss at relegation-threatened Swansea City.

Many of our writers felt relatively optimistic about that match, a feeling that the players firmly threw in the trash. Our picks for that match are below, with correct guesses in bold.

Calvin and Tom correctly predicted that Fernando Llorente would score the first goal of the match, while I correctly picked Tom Davies as the Everton man of the match.

Tom and I continued to have a good week in terms of the final result as well, with both of us correctly picking Swansea to beat Everton. No one, however, predicted the 1-0 nature of the defeat correctly.

My three-point week created a dramatic, last-second shift at the top of the table.

Calvin, after leading for around a month, has fallen into second place, with yours truly jumping to the top of the leaderboard. Mike and Tyler’s failure to pick up any points this week has all but ensured a two-man race for the title, with the rest of the pack falling too far behind to close the gap in just two weeks.

This week, our writers had the duty of predicting an Everton home match against a bottom-half opponent, Watford. The Toffees have dropped only four points at home against bottom-half opposition all season, so it should come as no surprise that our writers overwhelming predicted an Everton victory.

All but one of us think Everton will win on Friday — Chris, ever the contrarian, is the only dissenter, predicting a draw.

Chris’ opening goalscorer is equally intriguing, having selected the on-loan AC Milan attacker M’Baye Niang. Brian L. predicting Ross Barkley to kick of the scoring, with the rest of us expecting Romelu Lukaku to rediscover his impressive home form against an inferior opponent.

If you’re interested in whether Calvin or I will win our friendly little competition, consider the following:

  • A 3-1 Everton victory will earn me two more points than Calvin, pushing me three points into the lead, opening goalscorer and man of the match not withstanding.
  • A 2-1 Everton victory will put Calvin ahead of me by one point, again opener and man of the match notwithstanding.
  • We both chose Lukaku as the opening goalscorer, so there’s no points to be gained or lost in that category.
  • If Lukaku also secures man of the match, I’ll gain an additional point over Calvin. If it’s Tom Davies, he’ll get an additional point on me — so a draw or loss with Davies as the man of the match will put Calvin and I level on points heading into the last week of the season.