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Moshiri shows he is fully invested in the city of Liverpool

Everton majority shareholder buys iconic city building

Crowds Attend Liverpool's River Of Light Bonfire Night Spectacular
The Royal Liver Building during the River of Light Bonfire Night spectacular
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

If you thought that Farhad Moshiri was only looking to own Everton, you might be mistaken. The Iranian investor is continuing to make his mark on the city of Liverpool with the latest news from this morning that he was part of the conglomerate that purchased the city’s iconic Royal Liver Building.

The Liverpool Echo revealed earlier today that the consortium Corestate, the international property group that purchased the world-famous building for £48m, included Moshiri as a partner in the transaction.

From Wikipedia -

The Royal Liver Building, along with the neighbouring Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building, is one of Liverpool's Three Graces, which line the city's waterfront. It is also part of Liverpool's UNESCO-designated World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City.

Opened in 1911, the building is the purpose-built home of the Royal Liver Assurance group... One of the first buildings in the world to be built using reinforced concrete, the Royal Liver Building stands at 98.2 m (322 ft) tall to the top of the spires, and 50.9 m (167 ft) to the main roof. The Royal Liver Building is now however only the joint-fourth tallest structure in the City of Liverpool, having been overtaken in height by West Tower, Radio City Tower and Liverpool Cathedral.

Today the Royal Liver Building is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the city of Liverpool and is home to two fabled Liver Birds that watch over the city and the sea. Legend has it that were these two birds to fly away, then the city would cease to exist.

Moshiri’s interest in the building shows his confidence in the city as a rising business hub for his empire.

“I am delighted to have jointly acquired the Royal Liver Building, which is a world-class property in a bustling riverfront location.

“Following my investment in Everton last year, I am confident in the prospects for Liverpool as a thriving international city and am pleased that I have been able to make this investment in such a landmark building with potential for further improvement.”

With the pound as weak as it is now compared to the world’s major currencies, this is an excellent time for an international businessman of Moshiri’s ilk to buy in Britain and solidify his investments in the country.

Everton’s new stadium architect Dan Meis was in town last week, and posted the following picture on Instagram. Whether he will be involved in any additional work on the building that Moshiri hinted on remains to be seen.

Bird watching....; )

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There were some murmurs about Moshiri’s financial clout in the wake of news that the new Bramley-Moore stadium could cost upwards of £300m, but this is as sure a sign of his commitment to the cause as anything else we’ve seen.

Now if he were to go on and give the pair of Liver Birds a fresh coat of Royal Blue paint, we would really be in business.

Blue Liver Bird crest