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Everton vs Burnley: Writer Prediction League

A visit from Burnley means easy choices for our writers

Everton v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Everton’s 2017 home form has been nothing short of spectacular - so it should come as no surprise that the Toffees’ victory over Leicester City last week was widely predicted by our writers. As you might expect, RBM’s staff is even more confident in Everton’s ability to beat Burnley this week!

Though a victory was perhaps the obvious choice, the other aspects of the game were significantly more unpredictable. Our picks for the match are below, with correct guesses in bold.

Six writers correctly picked Everton as the match winner, but none of us picked a 4-2 final score, Tom Davies to open the scoring, or Phil Jagielka to be voted the Everton man of the match by RBM readers. With limited points picked up last week, the prediction league standings are largely unchanged.

Calvin still leads the pack, three clear of me in second place. Mike and Tyler are lurking close by in third and fourth place — with all the others on the outside looking in for now.

Those of us looking to make up some distance in the prediction league race probably won’t have much luck when the Toffees face Burnley this weekend, as our writers have made largely similar predictions (anonymously!) for this week.

Romelu Lukaku was the top choice for opening goalscorer, with four of nine participating writers picking the Belgian. Our writers are equally confident in Ross Barkley, who won six man of the match votes.

Every writer picked Everton to win (which, for the record, has had concerning implications for the Toffees’ fortunes this season). 3-1 and 3-0 were joint most-common scores, with three writers choosing each.