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Koeman does his best Martinez impression post-game

Blues soundly beaten away in the Merseyside Derby

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League
Emre Can after the Ross Barkley tackle
Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Everton lost the 228th edition of the Merseyside Derby, beaten 3-1 by Liverpool after a poor performance at Anfield. After the game, Ronald Koeman spoke to the media, complaining about Juergen Klopp’s antics complaining about Ross Barkley’s foul on Emre Can.

"Tackles are part of football - I saw some tackles from Lucas.

"It's all about football but we don't make a show from the bench like Liverpool. It's football - a hard and fair game.

"I don't like coaches from the bench the whole time shouting to referees and linesmen, making a big show about tackles.

"They were crazy. They didn't need the physio on the pitch. It's a man's sport."

He then went on to say that he was proud of Everton’s display on the day, despite the fans’ overwhelming opinion that the Blues were poor.

"I'm proud, I'm really proud about the team, in a way how we played today. Of course we lost the game, but I think the final result is not reflecting in our performance. They have some quality players.

"Overall I think we can be proud of the way we played, how difficult we made it for Liverpool. That's the way we like to play and how we'd like to continue."

Respectfully Mr. Koeman, we’ll disagree. The tactics and selection didn’t work out and a change was needed earlier on. The Toffees were miserable in stretches and the mentality change he was calling for in Derby games starts with him, and we didn’t see it today.

Also, moaning about the winning team’s manager puts you in really poor light, it’s completely unnecessary. Take your lumps and go home Ronald, we the fans have, because your team gave us nothing today on the pitch. Pitiful.