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Everton fan goes on new kit design spree

Which one of these home shirt concepts do you like?

Everton classic home jersey design
Kevin Mackin Concepts

It’s that time of the season when kits for Premier League teams start getting ‘leaked’ all over the internet. Home, away and third kits, none are exempt from this and very often designs are widely available on social media well before official release.

One of the other interesting things that happens often is that more creative fans start getting antsy while waiting and design their own concepts of what they like.

Everton fan Kevin is one such artistic wizard, and has been coming up with some incredible designs for what he’d like to see the Blues wear next season. The concepts are a mix of throwbacks to the past, nods to the present and the promises of a bold new future for the Toffees.

Here we take a look at five of his home shirt concepts, and he has many more for away and third kits to come in subsequent posts.

'85 Redo: Home
Kevin Mackin Concepts
Classic: Home
Kevin Mackin Concepts
Shapeshifter: Home
Kevin Mackin Concepts
Blue Fade: Home
Kevin Mackin Concepts
Navy to White: Home
Kevin Mackin Concepts

Which of these is your favourite? What feedback do you have for Kevin, leave him a comment below.


Which of these Everton home jersey concepts is your favourite?

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  • 29%
    1) ‘85 Redo
    (226 votes)
  • 30%
    2) Classic
    (233 votes)
  • 9%
    3) Shapeshifter
    (69 votes)
  • 15%
    4) Blue Fade
    (115 votes)
  • 15%
    5) Navy to White
    (119 votes)
762 votes total Vote Now

Kevin is 24 years old and lives in Denver, Colorado working as a music teacher for little kids.

He started following Everton after he found out USMNT goalie Tim Howard was on the Blues. At that point he almost felt like it wasn't meant to be because it felt fake only knowing about the Toffees because of Howard.

Then one day, while watching a video on Dixie Dean, his mom asked who that was. He told her about Everton’s greatest scorer, and she then revealed that his great grandfather also had a picture of Dixie on his wall when she was growing up. Kevin instantly knew that he was one of the chosen, and that he did have blue blood.

He makes these kits in his free time because it's something that he likes to do. Kevin has always enjoyed the artistic side of kits and thought he could make some pretty cool ones as well, so he gave it a try.

Follow Kevin on Twitter at @EFCKitDesigns, and see his work on Facebook in the Everton USA page.