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New Everton stadium announcement could happen Thursday

Has Mayor Joe Anderson let ‘slip’ another hint?

Everton v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League
Everton’s current home at Goodison Park
Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

The Mayor of the City of Liverpool is a self-avowed Everton fan, and has been keeping Blues entertained and informed as the Toffees’ worst-kept secret about their new stadium seems closer and closer to seeing the light of day.

And now it’s looking quite possible that day will be this coming week, on Thursday specifically.

Joe Anderson’s Twitter feed has been a goldmine for fans looking for hints about progress on the procurement and design process regarding the new stadium, and this morning he delivered once again.

Now there could be an element of a prank here, because Anderson is, shall we say, a portly gentleman but who are we to judge if he has a weekly fitness session or not. But where it gets quite hilarious is the fact that the Mayor is also as bald as a cue ball, so his hairdresser (should he really have one) probably has the easiest job in the city.

There were some rumblings that an announcement would be made soon, with Anderson himself saying that on the 8th of this month.

“In relation to the future of the club and where we are with the stadium, I'm confident that the club's future is secure and there will be an announcement shortly which the fans have wanted to hear.”

The club will be expected to announce that the Bramley-Moore Docks area has been purchased and possibly a timeline for the construction of the new stadium as well.