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Lukaku Facebook profile over-reaction?

Should we make anything of this?

Everton v Hull City - Premier League
Romelu Lukaku after the today’s win
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Any misgivings Romelu Lukaku might have had about stepping out at Goodison Park would have been dispelled within seconds of him coming out for warm-ups. The Everton crowd warmly greeted his appearance, and indeed sang numerous serenades for their superstar striker as he plundered a late brace as well.

He even went on to blow kisses back at the crowd after scoring his second of the afternoon, and there was genuine gratitude in his actions at that point. After the game he trotted back over to the Gwladys Street end and took of his shirt to give to a youngster.

However, there was always that nagging, lingering doubt that it was a farewell gesture more than anything and for those of us who are touchy about social media issues will be very interested with what Lukaku (or his media team) just did less than an hour ago on Facebook.

Lukaku Facebook account

Again, conspiracy theorists, doomsdayers and tinfoil-hat wearers will all unite to say that this is as clear an indication as any that Lukaku is thanking Goodison Park in farewell, while the more steely-hearted of us fans will continue to say that this means nothing.

A quick scan of his Instagram and Twitter accounts shows that there are no changes or any new updates either.

Lukaku Instagram account
Lukaku Twitter account