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Mayor drops more Everton stadium hints

Joe Anderson talks about North Docks restoration plans

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Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The Mayor of Liverpool has dropped yet more hints about Everton’s new stadium being located at the Bramley Moore Dock in the North Docks area of the city. Speaking at an event to showcase the council’s plans to transform the location into a ‘creative quarter’, Joe Anderson said to the Liverpool Echo -

“If the stadium comes off we’re talking with Peel about 2026, the Commonwealth Games, and that’s exciting.

“We’re interviewing people. We’ve got some announcements to make shortly about who’s on our team, leading our team.

“If the stadium comes off around Bramley Moore then we’re talking to Peel about developing that for the Commonwealth Games.

“And it’s an exciting opportunity, an exciting juncture we are at in the north of Liverpool but the whole city.”

The new venture is known as Ten Streets, named after the area next to Peel’s Liverpool Waters £5,5bn regeneration site. Plans are to transform the Ten Streets location an arts district with new squares and public spaces, as well as homes for technology businesses and arts organisations. Another proposed addition is the country’s first revolving theater, with the seats moving around the stages during the performance.

A concern with a stadium that is built for the Commonwealth Games is that an athletics track would have to be designed in as well, which would then push the stands out further from the pitch. This has caused a great deal of angst at West Ham’s new Olympic Stadium, and would take away from the ‘bearpit-like’ atmosphere at Goodison Park.

However, there are technical solutions out there that incorporate receding stands that will uncover a running track when needed. The video below shows the Singapore Sports Hub where retractable seating has been implemented.

Understandably, a solution like this would cost a lot, so it would come down to what majority shareowner Farhad Moshiri, the Board and designer Meis Architects want to spend and see feasible for the new stadium.