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Palace caution Everton over coaching staff

Allardyce expected to bring in goalkeeping coach

Slovakia v England: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier
Three in, one to go
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It’s looking like Sam Allardyce is not going to have it all his way as he tries to assemble his coaching staff at Everton. Big Sam was last at Crystal Palace before he abruptly resigned after leading them to Premier League survival last season, and goalkeeping coach Martyn Margetson is still with the London club.

However, the Daily Star are reporting club chairman Steve Parish has warned Allardyce off the assistant coach, while admitting that he gave him a glowing recommendation.

“I like the people at Everton and wish him every success. I wish they weren’t trying to nick our goalkeeping coach but other than that, I like them.

“I like Sam a lot. There are things that have changed for him since he left us and where the job is and the opportunity it is, it is a very, very difficult one for him to turn down.

“And he did turn it down, I know that for a fact. He turned it down a couple of times.”

The Eagles are in for a £2million payday from Everton thanks to a clause in Allardyce’s contract with them after he returned to the game despite claiming retirement when he left London in May.

“I love this football club but I am not deluded. Everton is a massive, massive club and from where he was at England with his reputation somewhat tarnished, unfairly in my view, I am proud that I was part of picking him up really.

“He did a great job for us. He was 100 per cent honest for me the entire time he worked for the football club. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, genuinely.

“I was asked by Everton what I thought and I said he was a brilliant manager to work with.

“I don’t begrudge him. He feels a bit better about life and that it is a different kind of challenge. I watched him smiling after the game.”