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Sam Allardyce has a plan for Everton in the January transfer window

Manager says he has a specific number of targets

West Bromwich Albion v Everton - Premier League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Sam Allardyce has a very specific plan for Everton in the January transfer window, and also revealed what he thought would be a good finish for the club at the end of this Premier League season.

Speaking to the media ahead of the Blues trip to AFC Bournemouth today, Big Sam revealed that he’s looking to add three players in very specific positions in the next month.

“I think if the players were available then three (signings) would be the maximum. That would give us a chance to sustain our position and maybe touch on doing better than where we are.

“I think if we established ourselves in eighth or ninth then we’ve done a brilliant job this year, coming back from the starting position.

“Coming to the end of January we’ll have a better idea of where we are.

“One with the squad in total - have I moved any on or is it feasible to move any on - and two, being what the consistency of the squad is.”

From the names that the Toffees have been linked with and looking at the gaps in the squad, that likely means a forward, a midfielder and a left-sided defender.

Allardyce went on to add that his next area of focus now that the defence has been stabilized was to get more of out of Everton’s possession.

“We’re consistently defending well but in the opposite we’re not attacking very well in possession.

“I feel the problem with the players is in their ability to transition effectively. I think it’s the reverse of when I came in.

“I think when I came in they played from the back and through midfield, and then when they lost it, they lost a goal.

“I think they’re defending superbly well now but in transition they can’t turn it into good passing opportunities at the opposition to create more and more chances.

“I wouldn’t expect that against Liverpool and certainly not Chelsea - but certainly West Brom was a big concern for me.”