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Alfie Evans ruled ‘fit to fly’ by independent group

Young Evertonian still fighting.

As Thomas and Kate Evans work to save their son in light of Alder Hey hospital seeking to end his life, they have had Alfie certified as ‘fit to fly’ by the director of a pediatric air ambulance service. In the official Facebook group for Alfie’s Army, which totals over 40,000 supporters, there was an emergency request to raise funds for Alfie’s Cause. The purpose of that request has now been revealed as gaining this certification.

Alfie, who continues at Alder Hey without a diagnosis and with continuing irregularities in his treatment, has now been certified to fly anywhere in the world by this independent group. It is the latest potential roadblock removed.

Unfortunately, Alder Hey hospital remains unmoved. It is unclear why a medical facility would refuse to allow a patient they cannot diagnose to be transported to another facility that may be able to, especially when private funds would be financing the move and the child has been cleared to fly.

Instead of the funds raised to save Alfie being used for his treatment, a portion of them now must be used fighting a hospital that is trying to remove the Evans’ parental rights so that they can allow Alfie to die. The result is continued fundraising needs, which can be aided here.

The petition to Alder Hey to gain Alfie’s release currently has 42,000 signatures and can be signed here.

Alfie’s family continues to commend the work of the medical professionals who work with Alfie on a daily basis. The hospital workers have done a great job. The question is, right now, whether the hospital administration will do the right thing and give this child a chance to live. This holiday season, thousands of dollars have been donated to Alder Hey, because people believe in the work they do for children. I can think of few things less tragic than those funds given in the spirit of Christmas being used to fund a legal battle to end little Alfie’s life.