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Key court decision today for young Blue Alfie Evans

Child’s life depends on High Court ruling on parental rights

Alfie has been making the headlines
Emma Ryan, via Alfie’s Army Official

The latest news on the Alfie Evans case is a sad one as we reach a critical juncture of the matter at hand. The High Court will make a ruling today regarding the parental rights of Tom Evans and Kate James, and if they can continue to do what they feel is right for their child.

It is almost surreal that this matter has even reached the courts, but such are the laws of the land, alas. For those that haven’t been following the story of the young Everton fan Alfie, click on the links below to get caught up.

Alder Hey hospital, a renowned children’s facility that both Everton and Liverpool have close ties with, has continued to be unmoved despite the best efforts of thousands of voices supporting the family.

With the hospital having ‘given up’ on the child and willing to literally pull the life support for Alfie, Tom and Kate want to take him to hospitals outside the United Kingdom that have proven in the past they can treat similar cases.

Having failed to revive Alfie from his mystery illness, Alder Hey have not only decided to terminate the child’s life, they are also fighting the couple’s ability to take the the 16-month-old elsewhere.

Speaking to the Bootle edition of The Champion, the couple said -

“Alder Hey Hospital has refused our request to allow Alfie to be transferred to a top European children’s hospital, because they say Alfie must not be allowed to continue living.

“Even though they stopped trying to obtain a diagnosis and therefore don’t know what is wrong with him, Alder Hey says Alfie’s existence is futile. They have applied to the High Court to remove our parental rights and end Alfie’s fight for life.”

It is indeed tragic that a hospital or even a court can have a say in this matter, but it appears this is where we are now. Alder Hey have asked for mediation and an adjournment but it appears now the judge has refused, and the decision will be made today.

If you would like to support the parents as they attempt to release Alfie so that they can take him to the European hospital of his parents’ choice, please sign the petition, and you can join the Facebook group and spread the word as well.