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Toffees Mailbag: New deals for Everton youth and the Big Sam effect

Answering all of your relevant, and irreverent, Everton questions

What a week!

With the Big Sam era at Everton starting off better than anyone could have imagined, things around Goodison Park have been looking up.

Since the gum-chewing former England manager has taken over, Everton have put a “No Vacancy” sign up in their goal, the Toffees have given up a whopping 1 goal in 6 matches!


Mason Holgate is usually good for giving up one goal a game himself, so to pair him up with this year’s version of Ashley Williams (no elaboration necessary) and get them to hold ANY Premier League team under half a dozen goals is nothing short of Sam Allardyce working a miracle.

As it currently stands Everton have regained their mid-table footing, separated themselves (assuming no catastrophic loss of form) from the relegation battle, and are now eyeing up their rightful place in 7th!

Fans would never have thought they would be so excited about those achievements when the season started, but here we are.

Embrace it!

To your questions!!

This is a good question happy SHOULD Everton fans be?

After a solid win over Huddersfield, the Blues found themselves facing bad weather and some poorly timed injuries as they traveled across Stanley Park for the Merseyside Derby.

I won’t go back over every single detail, but needless to say the Toffees showed heart, desire and organization the likes of which fans have not seen all season.

Liverpool had the ball most of the match, and Everton were able to pull even on a penalty kick drawn by Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

A ‘debate’ was immediately ignited about whether or not Everton should have been awarded the penalty, but the press’ response to Jurgen Klopp’s complaints after the match said it all:

I am willing to listen to complaints about Everton’s performance, but just like Big Sam said, the Toffees had a game plan and stuck to it.

Ok... so it’s not nice to look at....

and the layout is even more shocking when you peek at Liverpool’s map......

or expected goals.....

I know it doesn’t look great, but remember the ONLY stat that matters:


Liverpool: 1, Everton: 1

There will be lots of time for Everton to improve, but being able to pull a point out against a top squad while in the middle of a rebuilding is a clear indication that the change at the top has worked.

Consider it an early Christmas present from Big Sam-ta

Why is this ok?? Seriously folks, it’s sports.

Calm down.

I love a good graphic, especially when it involves grown men throwing water bottles at each other because the music is too loud.

He’s just getting better....

That is evidence why this was so necessary:

With Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Jon-Joe Kenny and Mason Holgate (to a degree) proving themselves capable of being Premier League players, wrapping them up with contract extensions until 2022 (Kenny/Holgate) and 2023 (DCL) is a move with an eye for the present and the future.

When you think back to Manchester United’s great run of teams it is always attributed to the Class of ‘92 (for good reason), and while the sporting landscape has changed in ways which will make the rise of a single class of academy/youth players almost impossible due to the pressure to win, it sure feels like Everton are doing their best to replicate it.

With Kenny, DCL, Holgate, Davies etc..... lined up to be integral parts of the squad for years to come, Everton fans should be excited because not only will the grow as players, they will grow as Evertonians and come to love/be loved in ways they never thought possible.

Just a note:

Get used to maps like this.

Lots of shots for the other team, but not many from good positions.

They can have the dots, I’ll take the goal.

Speaking of that goal against Newcastle....

This is just the end of the goal, and while the keeper should do better, there is no denying Rooney’s first-rate poaching abilities:

The circle of emotions most Everton fans are currently trapped in until January 1:

Toffee Tunes

It’s just one this week...but it’s a winner.....

The Hoosiers

The Trick To Life

This album is PERFECT for the mood Everton fans should currently be in. Upbeat, aggressive and honest this album grabs you and doesn’t let go. If you love the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks like me, this album is right down your alley. To be honest, the Hoosiers are a bit difficult to peg down by genre or sound, so just give them a listen yourselves.

I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Favorite Track: Goodbye Mr A