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Big Sam offers his thoughts on Jurgen Klopp

Plus other reflections from the Everton manager after his first Mersyside derby

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

After a Meryside derby full of emotion and drama, much of the post-match coverage centered around...well......the post-match coverage.

More specifically the words and actions of Jurgen Klopp during his post-match interview in which he expressed his displeasure with everything from Everton tactics to the penalty kick given after a foul by Dejan Lovren.

At Tuesday’s press conference to preview the upcoming match with Newcastle Sam Allardyce had the opportunity to respond to his counterpart on the other end of Stanley Park.

First, he gave context for Klopp’s emotions, noting the high pressure nature of the situation:

“Like everything else, we come off one of the biggest games of the season for the fans. He is extremely disappointed about the penalty and that they’ve drawn the game. We sometimes can’t control our emotions with such pressure we’re under.”

However, when asked to comment on Klopp’s claim that the penalty shouldn’t have been given, Big Sam stood in line with every reporter who raised his hand at the Klopp’s question, and just about anyone who understands the game:

“I have every respect for him. We can all be on the edge sometimes. For all concerned, when you see it, it was the right decision for the penalty.”

Besides defending the obvious penalty call, Big Sam also took issue with Klopp’s claims that only one team came to play.

“Liverpool had scored 12 goals in two games. My position was to frustrate their quality. That’s exactly what they did. I make no apologies for that. We had to go with the best way to get something out of the game and that was to stop Liverpool scoring.”

He continued....

“I install the basics in the team and then they express themselves. They have to make the right or wrong decisions. If you make fewer mistakes than the opposition, then you give yourselves the opportunity to win the game. The quality then pays off.”

One very relevant statistic that Big Sam cited was the fact that for all of their possession Liverpool were only able to muster three shots on goal to Everton’s two.

Lastly, Big Sam weighed in on the current debate about post match celebrations after the Manchester United / Manchester City dust up when Jose Mourinho took issue with what he deemed to be excessive celebrations on the part of City after their 2-1 win at Old Trafford.

He also may have just as well been talking about the Toffees enjoying a hard earned victory:

“If they want to sing and shout after a win, then that’s up to them. It’s not your position as an opposing manager to do anything about it. It’s one to tell your players to listen to.”