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Young Everton fan reaches fundraising goal, but hospital is unmoved

Media coverage of the case hits new gear.

A few days ago we gave an update on the plight of Alfie Evans. Alfie is the child of two Everton fans who has been at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool for months with an undiagnosed illness. Alfie’s parents consistently post videos of Alfie responding to stimuli despite his near comatose state both on Twitter and in their Facebook group that has nearly reached 40,000 members.

At the time of our last report, Alfie’s family was trying to raise £50,000 so that they could move Alfie to a hospital on the continent who was willing to continue seeking a diagnosis for him. They have pursued this course of action because Alder Hey hospital no longer wishes to seek a diagnosis for Alfie and instead are seeking a court action to take control of decision making for Alfie’s care so that they can let him die. Alfie’s parents are devastated at this news and have promised to continue fighting for as long as they can.

Alfie’s father with some of Merseyside’s best.

Since then, interest in Alfie’s case has skyrocketed. The Evans family has reached their fundraising goal, and they have seen news outlets from America to the UK and Germany to Australia cover the story.

One news source laid out the facts of Alfie’s Case as follows:

  • Alfie has not been diagnosed;
  • The baby is not terminally ill in, but in a coma.
  • The family has found another hospital willing to continue care, or at least continue to seek a diagnosis;
  • If Alfie is unconscious, he is not suffering.
  • The hospital, in essence, wants a court to declare that dying now is better than being severely cognitively disabled for an indeterminate period.
  • By resisting the transfer, the hospital administration and doctors are essentially declaring that they do not want the child to have any chance of surviving

Alfie’s parents have had nothing but good things to say about the medical staff at Alder Hey hospital. They have done everything they can to help our little Evertonian and certainly cannot be blamed for not being able to find out what is wrong. Hopefully for Alfie, he can get to this new hospital where another talented group of medical professionals can have a chance to see if they can help him.

Here is a link to the petition to help keep Alfie alive. It is reaching 38,000 signatures.

The donation page is still accepting donations.

Please keep Alfie Evans in your prayers. The next few weeks are going to be crucial to his chances of being able to grow up.