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Meet the man who thinks Big Sam can get Everton to the Champions League

Yeah, that’s how I reacted, too.

Manchester United v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Kids, when you grow up, find someone who loves you the way Hadji Diouf loves Sam Allardyce and you’ll live a happy life. The former Bolton man has come out and said that with Big Sam in charge, Everton can reach the Champion’s League.

This is clearly not going to happen this year, and not one Toffee I’ve spoken with wants Sam to still be here next year, so I’m not sure when this mythical run will be a thing.

Diouf challenges the idea that Big Sam is only a firefighter, saying that with Bolton they played “champagne football”.

I would take this opportunity to remind you that champagne comes in variety of costs and qualities, and isn’t always a good thing. But the Wanderers did finish sixth with the Sam/Diouf partnership, so credit where it is due. I just think the English football landscape has changed just a bit since then, don’t you?

Here’s the audio of Diouf’s comments:

Hey, I hope it happens. Champion’s League football, regardless of who is in charge, would be a dream come true, and the theme after this new hiring should be optimism, so sure, why not?

The Toffees last played in the Champion’s League in 1971, so while we wait for the apparently literal magic of Big Sam to take effect, I’m going to be settling for simply solidifying our safety in the Premier League and working our way back to the Europa League. We can leave going nose to nose with Real Madrid and Barcelona for another day.

I think the Big Sam tenure will overall be a success, as long as we define success realistically, and I’m not sure Hadji has done that with these comments.