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Toffees Mailbag: Everton’s manager timeline

Answering all of your relevant, and irreverent, Everton questions.

The end of an international break usually brings with it joy and enthusiasm as Everton resume their pursuit of trophies, glory, and in the case of this season, respectability.

The end of this particular break, however, brings with it not excitement and anticipation, but rather fear and uncertainty.

The Toffees are without a full-time manager, and while the comeback win over Watford was nice, being down two goals at home to the Hornets in the first place is reason enough for alarm bells to be going off.

David Unsworth is a quality man and may one day be the type of manager to lead Everton to new heights, but at the current time he is far from the answer.

His tactical decision-making is already questionable (HE PLAYED GYLFI AS A #10!!) and while he may ‘get the club’ I am more concerned about him ‘getting’ the players.

While I do appreciate that Farhad Moshiri and those in charge are taking their time (presumably to make the right decision and not because we are inept and have no capability of coherent thought), there has to be some consideration for expediency. The Toffees are almost a third of the way through the season and continued hesitancy pulling the trigger on a new manager means that any progress on the field, or in the January transfer market, will be considerably harder to achieve.

Like every Toffees fan I wait with bated breath to find out who will take the reins for our beloved club and what they plan to do moving forward.

To your questions!

I’ve got a theory.....

I am not someone who believes that Everton should have had the next manager on-hand when they decided to release Ronald Koeman, but it is increasingly evident that there was ABSOLUTELY NO PLAN when it came to finding and securing his replacement.

That doesn’t mean that Everton won’t end up with a successful manager, but as I mentioned at the beginning of the mailbag what it DOES mean is that the club will be continually mired in uncertainty, a death sentence for clubs who don’t address it quickly enough.

Personally, I think Thomas Tuchel IS the answer, but I wonder about the ability to pull off such a move in the middle of the season.

Would Tuchel take over now? Would he want to wait until the summer? Can we trust Unsy to get us through to 17th or higher?

The questions are starting to pile up around Goodison, it’s about time we started to get some answers.

Seriously it too much to ask to get a manager around here???

It has become abundantly clear that this season has resulted in a ...

... and while Watford are currently learning ...

... Everton are left feeling stuck in the ...

... and ...

Hopefully the Toffees next managerial appointment will end up being ...

... and isn’t ...

So Everton board, you don’t have to appoint the next Sir Alex Ferguson, but....

(This has been your unsolicited “Answered with Matthew McConaughey movie references question of the week”...stay tuned next week when this gimmick will probably run it’s course....or not.....I have watched a lot of movies)

The future is bright

If we can just see the path

Who shall be our guide?

Good things DO happen...don’t forget.....

Really...they DO...

It’s the 1977 FA Cup semifinal......and it’s the Merseyside Derby.

Liverpool were on their way to their first European Cup final (which they would win) and Everton were seeking to reestablish themselves in the league (and the rivalry) by reaching their first major final since ‘68.

The stakes were high, but the emotions were even higher.

Playing on a pitch pock-marked by puddles, the neighbors scrapped their way through a true battle of attrition.

Led by their captain Mick Lyons, the Toffees battled hard, falling behind twice before scrapping back to draw the match 2-2.

Which is exactly where the match stood just minutes from the whistle. can watch the highlights here....

As is stated in the documentary, Clive Thomas has stated to friends and others that he made a mistake in calling back the goal, but has failed to acknowledge his mistake publicly.

So Lawrence707.....while I wish no ill will upon anyone, once Clive Thomas does lose the inevitable battle with father time, may it help heal wounds long festering in the Toffees faithful.

Seriously though, thanks John. Please keep reading!


The saddest part about this particular post is that it gets your hopes up for JUST a second before you realize that a team you thought would be challenging for Europe is scraping around the unemployment lines of European football for help.

(Sad face)

To be honest, however, I don’t believe it is a lack of talented strikers that has hindered this teams progress (though I wouldn’t be upset with a January acquisition).

If Everton can bring in a manager who can put the most talented players AT THEIR POSITIONS on the field at the same time, we will see a more balanced Toffees side capable of settling into the all-too-familiar comforts of mid-table, a position any supporter would currently take based on the tumultuous beginning to the campaign.

There are definitely brighter things in the future, we just need someone to point us in the right direction so we can all see the path forward more clearly.

If not.....


What If Nothing

Walk the Moon

This album blew me away.

From start (Press Restart) to end (Lost in the Wild) this album weaves a beautiful web of lyrics and beats that never let go. In addition to the foot-tapping tunes, this album also provides some slower, more insightful tracks like Tiger Teeth.

This one is going to be in the rotation for a while.

FAVORITE TRACK: Feels Good to Be High


Argonaut & Wasp

It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s awesome.

It’s only a handful of tracks, but HA!FICTION! delivers.

Plug in and enjoy the groovy nature of their tunes.

You’ll probably listen to Paisley on repeat, just a heads up.


From the Fires

Greta Van Fleet

What a powerful album.

Rock with a sprinkling of twang, Van Fleet shows off her more than impressive abilities in this album.

A great album to relax to with after another Everton disappointment, From the Fires is a joy to listen to.