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Everton’s indecision saves them from Sam Allardyce


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Manchester United v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

It would have been the ultimate marriage of convenience. Everton Football Club need a managerial savior - perhaps even from relegation. Noted relegation savior Sam Allardyce wants to get back into coaching. Maybe it would work, for a time.

The man they call “Big Sam” has repeatedly insisted he would take the Everton opening and lead the Blues to safety, despite very little interest of any substance from the brass at Goodison Park.

The two sides awkwardly danced for what resulted in several weeks of media discussion. In the end, Sam bowed out rather ungracefully - which, in truth, is a manner befitting his larger than life persona.

If Allardyce is feeling like Everton - or any club - are not particularly thrilled with the prospect of hiring him, he’d be right. The 63 year old is known as a fixer, and yet only possesses a 39% career win rate. Everton would have been his most famous club job yet - surpassing both Newcastle United and West Ham.

Big Sam’s tactics are archaic, and he carries with him a host of baggage. The Telegraph’s report that resulted in Allardyce losing his post as the head of the Three Lions. Panorama’s 2006 investigation into possible bribery. 2014’s dust-up with Ravel Morrison.

The ability to keep Everton in the Premier League can be found elsewhere. Sam Allardyce is not the answer that Farhad Moshiri is seeking. Indeed, it’s likely a far better idea to retain David Unsworth, who at least possesses an emotional attachment to the club.

Alternatively, Sean Dyche would provide the same solidity and far more hope for a cohesive Everton side beyond the relegation scrap they currently find themselves in.

This proud club does not need to resort to gruff set piece specialists in order to succeed, and their dithering over a new managerial appointment has saved their own bacon in this instance.

Allardyce for Everton? I do not like that, Sam I am.