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Toffees Mailbag: Big Sam, Ashley Williams, Tom Cleverley and more

The international break Mailbag in 280 characters or less

With Twitter giving their users 280 characters with which to express themselves, I figured I would get in the mood by answering only in 280 characters.

It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s an international break edition of the mailbag.

Here we go!

In case you wanted to relive the Watford FC match one more time here’s a different view of the amazing 3-goal comeback this past Sunday. I don’t know about you but I needed this BAD! At least the next two weeks can be filled with happy memories before impending doom and gloom return.

Kevin Mirallas should be sold before every one figures out he is done. His attitude is absurd considering his performances the last few seasons. Morgan Schneiderlin seems to have lost his confidence, and his composure. A steady hand should get him right, or else he may have a short stay at Everton.

Big Sam should not be the manager of Everton. Even if he were to, say, agree to a short term contract, his approach on and off the field are not what Everton need. With the talent on hand any capable manager can guide the Toffees to a Top 17 finish, do better. Ball is in your court Farhad.

Really, how much of a liability does Ashley Williams have to become before he is benched/disposed of? We may be short on center backs but this can’t keep up. I fear for so many people. He’s a danger to anyone involved with the game from keepers to babies. Someone get the ball boys some helmets.

At first that seems a bit conspiratorial, but when you think about it, maybe not. What is Tom Cleverley doing taking that penalty? He’s neither a renowned penalty taker nor scorer at all. Someone like Richarlison should have been on the ball, but alas Tom finally made good at Everton.

Toffee Tunes


Where the Light Shines Through

Favorite Track: Where the Light Shines Through

Switchfoot have had some hits throughout the years, but to be honest they had failed to resonate with be for an entire album. Their newest endeavor changes that, however, and from start to finish it doesn’t disappoint. Great album to listen to in bed or a long drive to somewhere.


Never Take Friendship Personal

Favorite Track: Stationary Stationery

Considering the best track references stationary, you could take a guess this is not a recent album. It was only 2005, but it feels like ages ago. The music, however, is as good as ever and reminds me why it is so great every single time I hit play. One of my all-time favorites.

The Used


Favorite Track: Cold War Telescreen

The Used have been around for what seems like forever, so I was surprised not only to see they had released a new album,but that I enjoy it as much as I do, especially Cold War Telescreen. Could it be that the rock helps me deal with my growing Toffees related angst? Probably so.