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Toffees Mailbag: Koeman’s stubbornness, Moshiri’s stance and what next for Usmanov?

Answering all of your relevant and irreverent Everton questions. are things??

I don’t know about you, but that just about sums up how I’M doing after the last week.

To review.... the Toffees tied a team from Cyprus....AT GOODISON!

How did Everton’s fearless (and stubborn) leader respond?

It appears Koeman got a promotion

He certainly must have learned his lesson by the weekend.....right?




This time the Toffees got NOTHING from a home matchup with Burnley.

Koeman’s response?

So how bad is it exactly?

Let’s go to some people who have a better claim to soccer knowledge than I do.

Like this guy:

Or this guy:

Or if Koeman was really intelligent he would listen to our Adam Braun:

Of course most of those lineups include WIDE PLAYERS, which....well.....

Fans were rightfully salty after the loss to Burnley, and held their collective breath as they waited to see what owner Farhad Moshiri would say (or dare I say.....DO?!?!)

Respond he did indeed via his agent Sky Sports’ Jim White

Needless to say this toothless message didn’t go over well with supporters at all...

(If you don’t get the tin tin reference you need to see this movie!)


I am not one to openly advocate for a manager’s firing **COUGH** yet**COUGH** as there are a lot of moving pieces (though I don’t think he lasts past the end of this season), but Koeman’s issues are the same each week.

Frankly the only thing nothing is more concerning than a manager who is unable to fix his teams problems is one who doesn’t see problems at all.

Maybe he’ll figure it out???

If Koeman can’t IMMEDIATELY rectify his own issues, there is no doubt that the Dutchman will find himself out of a job.

Soooooo....... as I am sure you didn’t come here to sulk.......

enough about that!!!

To your questions!!

I like what you are getting at there.

Let’s break it down:


  • Speed on the pitch with Mirallas and Vlasic (more quick than fast)
  • Wayne Rooney as a second striker (his best position)
  • Jonjoe Kenny’s overlapping runs
  • Idrissa Gueye with space to work in
  • No Ashley Williams


  • Kenny’s defensive awareness
  • No Morgan Schneiderlin + Gana’s propensity (and ability) to wander= exposed center backs
  • Kevin Mirallas (Unless FIFA18 Mirallas shows is he an 81??)
  • Rooney is on the pitch
  • Lack of width (Mirallas/Vlasic often float centrally)

Compared to the center midfield heavy lineups that Koeman has run out, I wouldn’t be THAT upset to see your lineup rolled out after the international break, though I personally would opt for this:

  • Morgan Schneiderlin needs a break
  • A double pivot MF would allow Davies and Gana the freedom they enjoy with the responsibility needed in order to keep them honest.
  • Kenny is raw but with Keane back healthy I think you put his toes to the fire.
  • DCL is a very good forward and should be our starter until January
  • Sandro is quality and has not been poor at all. Just needs a run of games at the same position. He’s a better #9 but DCL is properly filling that role

I don’t know who helped mold you as a youngster but that is a great mailbag-esque question.

For starters, if you saw that Oumar Niasse video last week you know I have a soft spot for music, and a voice like a f%$*ing dying cat, so I don’t answer this question from any position of superiority.

Music is possibly the most subjective topic in the world, MINUS the universally accepted fact that Tom Petty was one of the coolest men to ever live.

I am sure, much like myself, you found yourself relaxing/dancing/tapping your foot to one of his MANY songs at some point in your life.

Even if you enjoyed only ONE of his songs, he brought (and will continue to bring) hours of joy into your life.

When a stranger can do that I think that IT is just another reminder of the strength of things like soccer and music to make the world a little better place.

May he bring as much joy to those lucky enough to join him in his next phase of existence.


As for what I am currently pumping through my speakers to navigate the emotional journey that is Toffee fandom I have 3 albums to recommend, all coming from very different genres.

Portugal The Man: Woodstock

An amazing album from start to finish.

Hit play, sit back, and enjoy the amazing rhythm of this incredible band.


Makes me think of the backlog of upcoming talent the Toffees have. Hopefully they can sort things out as well as this group does.

Where do you find talent like this?


Queens of The Stone Age: Villains

Just going to say this:

Villains is one of, if not THE, best rock album of the last decade. (With some of the best artwork ever.)

If the current Everton form gets you angry, this album is for you. Lots of raw emotion, but done in a way that it never feels hectic. A group that has always been hit-or-miss with me put out an album of all hits.

QOTSA takes you on a ride from tracks that sound like they belong on a Doors album to others that would make the Ramones envious.

FAVORITE TRACK: The Way You Used to Do

Getting hyped up for the Brighton match? This track will make you want to run around like Idrissa Gana Gueye.

Miley Cyrus: Younger Now

I know it seems crazy, but Miley is all grown up.

From calming groovy tracks like Malibu to more emphatic ones like Bad Mood, Miley reminds everyone that she can belt out a tune.

Gone are the synthesizers and back are the acoustic guitars.


Trying to get out your frustrations about our beloved managers stupefying tactics? This track will help you out. Crank it up and sing into your spoon, remote or whatever... you will feel better.

I promise.

Special shout to to Miley’s godmother Dolly Parton and her track Rainbowland.

Not only is Dolly Parton an icon and an amazing singer, but she also carries a distinction I think goes FAR too unnoticed:

Largest distributor of free books in the United States:

You see, Dolly wasn’t educated growing up and promised her father to spread literacy.

Through her foundation she is rapidly approaching the 100 million mark of free books distributed across North America.

See....everything not’s so bad!

I’ll be honest, I have a solid, albeit basic, grasp of the reasons tycoon Alisher Usmanov will probably never (but possibly could) join up with Everton, but it’s nothing CLOSE to @theesk, Everton Twitter’s resident financial savant, so let’s peek at what he has to say on the topic:

Earlier this week he penned this:

Then THIS info hit the news wire:



Finally....Usmanov put in his two cents:

Which were basically that he is open for anything.

If I was a betting man I would put say Usmanov ISN’T coming to the Toffees anytime soon, but I also believe that when there is THIS MUCH smoke, there has to be a small fire somewhere.

Add in Usmanov’s “or if a party appears....I could consider the question of selling” closing to his statement and it’s not difficult to see why these rumors won’t die.

IF it happens, it will be a huge windfall for the club and could push Everton into the Chelsea / Manchester City stratosphere of spending.

We might even have the money to buy a forward!!

As always please feel free to leave questions in the comments section or send them to us anytime @foleysthoughts and @rbmersey