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3 Fun Facts about Everton Ladies

Phil Jagielka isn’t the only Evertonian to have played goalie.

Everton Ladies v Liverpool Ladies - FA Girl's Youth Cup Final Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

There is a big Everton Ladies game this Saturday 7 pm (BST) 2 pm (EST) against Manchester City and you can watch it on the WSL Facebook page! Or you can purchase tickets here.

In preparation for the game, get to know a few fun facts about some of the players:

Dan Turner moonlights as a goalie, no big deal!

We all know Phil Jagielka played goalie a few years back for Sheffield United, we practically never hear the end of it! But did you know that during last season, defender Danielle Turner played goalie for an entire second half, plus 30 minutes of extra time, AND penalty kicks, and kept a clean sheet? And she is willing to do it again, if necessary.

Take that, Jags!

Everton Ladies v Arsenal Ladies - FA Women's Cup Final
Dan Turner is unafraid!
Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Claudia Walker is not impressed by childhood pop idols, okay?

Striker Claudia Walker saw pop singer Peter Andre on the street while in town for the Birmingham City game. She kept it pretty cool though and said of the experience:

"I used to listen to his music when I was younger, but I wasn't overwhelmed by him!"

Mind, she still managed to get a selfie with him because “that’s how it is now.”

Olympics Day 9 - Gymnastics - Artistic
NOT impressed!
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
The Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball - Arrivals
Peter Andre
Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Dutch defender Siri Worm can speak Scouse now!

Siri Worm has been in Liverpool for a few months and is picking up on some Scouse phrases:

“My English has improved and I’ve even started using some Scouse words like ‘that’s boss’ and calling people ‘la’! It’s been great to learn about Liverpool and the language with the help of the girls – and they’ve even asked about a few Dutch words as well!”

That’s boss!

Australia vs Netherlands Women, Algarve Cup 2017
Siri Worm
Photo by Filipe Farinha/Getty Images