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Everton’s new stadium is “progressing really well”

Mayor provides an update on Bramley-Moore project

Bramley Moore wall
Bramley Moore wall
Royal Blue Mersey

Amidst the fiasco surrounding the managerial position at Everton, the new stadium project being developed at the Bramley Moore docks has been all but forgotten to most fans.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo yesterday though, the city’s Mayor Joe Anderson proclaimed his satisfaction with the pace of progress of the new stadium.

“We’re still talking to the football club about an arrangement with them and an agreement with them about how we can support the development of the stadium. And that includes us being in partnership with the football club to deliver the stadium.

“And talks are going well, progressing really well, on schedule,and we’re happy with the progress that’s been made.”

Evertonians have been quite impatient about seeing sketches of the new stadium, resorting to tweeting the architect about it, but Mayor Anderson insisted that all would be revealed in good time.

“You can’t put the cart before the horse. They’ve got to put the financial model and things in place.

“But there is work going on not only in terms of stadium design and stuff like that but also preparation work on the site.

“I would argue that in terms of timelines that they’re being met, and I’m comfortable and happy with the progress that’s been made.”

Stadium architect Dan Meis hasn’t said much lately about the Bramley-Moore project, especially since the high-profile AS Roma stadium is nearing its completion (possibly in 2020). The new arena for the perennial Italian bridesmaids is certainly a marvel, as the pictures on the Meis Architects site prove.

Toffees will be particularly interested in seeing how Meis utilizes the River Tiber running alongside the stadium, since the Bramley-Moore arena will be on the docks of the iconic River Mersey.

The 52,500 seat Stadio Della Roma will be amongst the world's most state-of-the-art football stadiums. With a focus on both intimacy and "home pitch advantage", the design integrates one of international football's most tightly organized seating bowls with world-class amenities and technology to rival the best modern stadiums in all of professional sports.

Intended to evoke one of Rome's most beloved and iconic landmarks, the Colosseum, the design incorporates an ultra-modern, steel and glass stadium, wrapped in a stone "scrim". This scrim, a floating stone screen that envelops the stadium is a dynamic contemporary interpretation of the stone arches of the famous arena. A translucent glass and teflon coated fabric canopy protects the entire seating bowl from the elements.