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Former Manchester United player expresses interest in Everton job

Please, God. Not now.

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UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour - by UniCredit Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

It’s like transfer season all over again. Everton manager rumors are flying thick and fast, so I suppose this report could have been expected.

Since he retired from playing, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has been trying to get a managerial role like a kid hoping his parents will buy him the season’s most popular toy for Christmas. Wales. Leicester. United itself. Now Everton.

Giggs, 43, has only managed once before - a 4 game stint as interim in charge of the Red Devils after David Moyes was sacked. After that spell in charge of United, Giggs admitted to feeling the heat.

My car was parked right outside and I thought I need to get in my car here. I could feel myself getting emotional. So I get in my car and I just went, started crying, getting really emotional. It was a mixture of saying goodbye to people for maybe the last time and the pressure that I put myself under.

It’s incredibly unlikely that Ryan Giggs is ready for a job the size of Everton, and unlikelier still that the Blues’ brass would throw him into the cauldron of Merseyside football. Giggs would do well to be patient and begin his managerial career at a lower league side. You can throw this rumor in the circular file.