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Evertonscope: How the planetary shift will affect Ashley Williams

Will he get a start on Sunday after his Europa antics?

Everton FC v Olympique Lyon - UEFA Europa League
Ashley Williams is a Virgo
Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Has the Angry Birds sleeve gotten to Ashley Williams’ head?

In a post match interview, he said that the team is angry they are not getting the results they want.

Some people felt that his push on the Lyons goalkeeper and the ensuing brawl should’ve resulted in a red card.

Everton FC v Olympique Lyon - UEFA Europa League Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Will Ashley be in the lineup against Arsenal on Sunday?

Most would guess that he probably will not, but with Ronald Koeman, you just never know. The manager doesn’t seem to mind Williams’ “aggression” but wishes that he could’ve shown more “control.”

Scoring a goal didn’t hurt either. The last time Everton faced Arsenal, Williams scored off of a Ross Barkley corner.

As a Virgo, Williams is hardworking and analytical, but a bit of a worry wart. Although he brushed aside criticism, he will take a good look at himself and think of ways to use his passion constructively on and off of the field. Known to do his research, perhaps he will delve into some yoga or meditation exercises.

Sunday’s match occurs while Mars moves into Libra, which will reflect Williams’ internal struggles between aggression or contained defense. The planets will serve up many conflicts, but peacemaker Leighton Baines returning to the lineup will have a calming effect.

The game against Arsenal could force us all to ask: Why am I an Everton fan? You may question rooting for this team given the painful start of the season. And while the reasons may not be obvious so far, the planetary shift asks you to remember what made you a fan in the first place. Keep those memories and thoughts close to your heart because Sunday is sure to be a bumpy ride.