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Everton players fully behind Koeman

Veteran defender Ashley Williams talks about the last fortnight for him

Everton FC v Olympique Lyon - UEFA Europa League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

In an interview with evertontv ahead of the Sunday game between Everton and Arsenal, veteran defender Ashley Williams has said that the players are still united behind their beleaguered manager Ronald Koeman.

“We all like him (Koeman) and we want to try for him, because when it gets like this, the manager is the one that puts his head out there.

“We are all under pressure, but we want to deliver good performances and results and sometimes you try that little bit extra for him and for everyone.

“It is difficult for him at the minute, he is sticking to what he knows and keeps trying to do the right thing, he is onto us every day and we are pushing ourselves as a team.

“We will keep working as hard as we can for him and it goes without saying that all the players are fully behind him.”

Last December when the Blues hosted Arsenal they had won only one of their last ten Premier League games, with Williams scoring a late header to win the game. The Welshman scored midweek against Lyon as well, but was unable to spark a win.

“I thought the lads responded very well after going a goal down, we thought we definitely had the better of the game.

“As long as we apply ourselves like that then, hopefully, something will come for us… as long as we bring our fight, that is the minimum we have to do at the minute.

“We have been showing fight and, especially on Thursday, you saw the crowd were fully behind us. That is the kind of thing that we have to show them, show everyone and show ourselves, really.

“That fight is the base – and if you play well afterwards, then perfect. I have not been here that long, but it seems all the fans want is to see the team fight and battle for everything.

“It gives you more energy and it gives you a burst, so that is the kind of way we need to start – and get them behind us straight away.

“They can make an incredible noise and it has been tough for them, as it has for us. It is never nice to see your team lose, so we are definitely aware that we need to perform well and show the right kind of attitude for them, as well as for ourselves and everyone concerned with the Club.”

Williams saw his chances of making the 2018 World Cup crushed after his Wales side lost to Republic of Ireland at the last international break.

“It has been tough, I am not going to lie. Wales was a big thing and it takes a few days to get over it, to be honest. I spoke to the gaffer and I think that was my last World Cup.

“There have been other bits of the season that have been disappointing and I think, for me, it is about getting on with it.

"You cannot get too down or up because it can change like that. You just have to keep working hard, battle through it and be as honest as you can.

"There is a little bit of a lack of confidence in all of us at the moment, but that is only natural. As an older player I will take that on the chin and get on with it.

“I understand football and the way it is, that is not a problem, I try to stay as honest as I can and true to the team and myself.”