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Evertonscope: Should the Blues hire a Sorcerer?

Is it too early in the season to be talking about exorcisms?

Wales v Republic of Ireland - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Argentina was about to be eliminated from the World Cup if they lost their qualifying game on Tuesday.

But then they called in an expert sorcerer who goes by the name of Manuel.

With a little bit of talent, and a whole lot of spiritual guidance, Messi pulled off a miracle, scoring a hat-trick to bring his team to victory and into the World Cup.

Which begs the question, can Everton employ Manuel for the rest of the season? Please? The people of Liverpool are really quite nice and despite the rainy weather, any male witch would find it quite charming.

Since Everton are still on the lookout for a dominant striker, a magical wizard sure would come in handy.

Harry Potter Eyewear Photo courtesy Lenscrafters/Getty Images

Ever since Seamus Coleman went down due to a leg break last season, the Blues have had a poor run of results and the team could use a curative spell. Sure, Coleman is a great defender but there’s something else…… they broke our lucky charm!

Plenty of other football clubs have dealt with some nasty curses, including Birmingham City for well over a hundred years, which they tried to stop by painting their cleats red and hanging up crucifixes.

It is a bit too early in the season for an exorcism to be performed at Goodison Park, but the squad could use some good energy. If Manuel is unavailable, does anyone have any other recommendations for a good sorcerer?

Maybe we should bring Gerard Deulofeu back, even if it was just for a visit. After all, he’s magic you know…….

Everton v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Will Everton need a bit of magic against the Seagulls this Sunday? Let’s hope not, although Brighton and Hove Albion currently sit above the Blues on the table.

With the planets aligning so that Jupiter is in Scorpio, we will all be forced to delve into the mysterious dark side of this season and of the club’s past.

The last time that Jupiter was in Scorpio was during Everton’s 2005-2006 season. In October, the team was in the relegation zone, which they aren’t too far from now. Everton lost to the Spurs 0-2 on October 15, 2005 but the team improved afterwards and ended the season in eleventh place.

Keeping that in mind, Sunday’s game could prove to be an intriguing one and point us in the direction towards the darkness.

In other words, bring on the wizards!

Harz Region, Known For Witches, Celebrates Walpurgis Night Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images