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Toffees Mailbag: Sigurdsson, Lookman, Koeman’s obstinence and more

Answering your relevant, and irreverent, Everton questions

I’m not sure I’ve ever looked forward to an Everton match more than I am this weekend’s upcoming match with Brighton.

After watching a bunch of spoiled professionals and an inept manager give away my country’s honor and place in international soccer, I can’t wait to get back to seeing a bunch of spoiled professionals and an inept manager give away my club’s honor and place in domestic soccer.

To your questions.

No, it’s not a question, but when Koeman skims the mailbag (which he most definitely does) I wanted to make sure he got this message right out of the gate.

Gylfi is a game-changing #10.

You didn’t pay £30 million for Jordan Pickford and then play him at outside back did you Ron???

So why pay £45 million for a #10 and then PLAY HIM AS A WINGER?!?!?!



So...RON......get your head out of the sand of the beach you are vacationing on and play the squad in their correct positions!!!

Because I am running out of exclamation points!!???


But besides that.....

I would put this guy right into the side:

Along with sliding Gylfi central, the reintroduction of Ademola Lookman is vital.

Everton are at a total loss for attacking options (especially against hunkered down sides) and Lookman’s dribbling and ability to create space are EXACTLY what the Toffees are in desperate need of.

I am not saying Lookman is the solution to all that ails the Toffees, but when combined with one special little Icelander in the middle, the England youth player might just light a fire under a boring-at-best Everton side.

Did they go Dutch on a brain too?

So close to seeing this man back out on the pitch doing Seamus-y things

How do we have such nice things and perform like such s*%^??

After Tuesday nights DEVASTATING result answering this question feels a bit like consoling a newly heart-broken divorcee with a trip to, but I’ll bite.

First off, I would LOVE to see Everton scoop up some of the talented youth in America’s ranks right now. From Josh Sargeant to Weston McKennie there are potential stars to be had.

More importantly though.....

Everton should be invested in the DEVELOPMENT/ TRACKING OF Americas’ youth. A glance at the youth World Cup results show a nation whose soccer abilities and acumen are improving at a tremendous rate, in spite of what those spoiled, lazy, expectant embarrassment of Senior US players did Tuesday night.

Frankly, not investing (or creating) a pipeline into discovering talent in America is just bad business. When you are talking about a country of over 300 million people, it is irresponsible for the Toffees not to tap into the pipeline of potential players.

(Maybe they can show the US how to do it?)

It would be akin to not having advanced scouts throughout the entirety of Europe.

As an off shoot of this investment, the club will see a rise in their visual presence in the States. Wayne Rooney’s signing and the Angry Birds sponsorship have already slightly raised the presence of the Toffees in the American soccer landscape.

Signing players who can bring positive attention to the club on and off the field is huge.

While I would expect Everton not to sign a player purely for marketing reasons, I do think investing in a young (TALENTED) American player would serve both the short and long-term interests of the club.

Sign him up Toffees.

Based on the Dutchman’s unwillingness to include ANY width so far:

In all seriousness, Koeman’s continued use of 4 or 5 center mids every match has become standard practice to the point I’m not sure he will ever change.

While I think the formation your suggested above may leave the side a bit exposed, at least it would get multiple players on the field who can take people on (Vlasic, Lookman and both DCL and Sandro, the striker pairing I would start in this formation)

With actual wide players pushing forward it may allow for our outside backs to maintain some semblance of balance when moving forward as opposed to the awkward right-leaning tilt all of our formations tend to morph (are forced?) into.

Introducing multiple elements of unpredictability, and the talent to actually beat defenders in 1-v-1 situations will create space for Gylfi Sigurdsson, who if I have failed to mention before..

IS.. A.. #10!!!!!!

If Koeman will follow your advice and put players in the positions that gave them the success to earn the right to play for the Toffees in the first place, then maybe....JUST MAYBE.... Everton will get back on track.

If not, and the same old lineup with the same obvious flaws is trotted out this weekend against Brighton, there isn’t enough money in the world that could get me to watch that inevitable disaster.

Hope Koeman listens!

Well a quick rundown of current Everton players who COULD represent their countries at the World Cup:

England: Keane, Pickford, Davies, DCL etc......

Belgium: Kevin Mirallas (long shot)

Iceland: Gylfi!!

Ireland (IN PLAYOFF): Seamus Coleman, James McCarthy

Senegal (IN PLAYOFF): Idrissa Gana Gueye

So let’s assume that Ireland and Senegal squeeze into the World Cup, but (being realistic) Mirallas doesn’t.

So that leaves us with four squads: England, Senegal, Iceland, and Ireland.

So which team will be the last one standing?


Sadio Mane is dangerous (when healthy) and Gueye can clean up, but the squad lacks the ability across the pitch to make any real noise in Russia.


I was tempted to pick the upstarts of Euro 2016, but Gylfi is only one man and much like Senegal the squad’s lack of depth will be exposed in Russia.

They do have a sweet clap, though.


You want me to pick England?

At a World Cup????

That leaves.....


With a solid keeper in Darren Randolph, a mix of tough nosed Premier League players/ leaders like Seamus Coleman and HERO James McClean, plus goal poachers like Shane Long and John Walters, the Irish have a great chance to surprise some teams in Russia, assuming they get there.

Sure, a tough draw could keep the Irish from making any noise, but that is also what they said about a Costa Rica team that had a ‘tough group’ to start the 2014 World Cup and yet found a way to almost make the semifinals.

I’m not saying it’s a lock, but given my choice I would put my money on Ireland making the deepest run, keeping Seamus Coleman and James McCarthy in Russia longer than any of their Toffees teammates.

And who would complain about that...Irish fans know how to party:

I got asked last week what I was listening to so that I could cope with all things Everton.

I got some good feedback so I want to continue with:


Jack Johnson: All the Light Above it Too

A typical Jack Johnson album, this is a great choice when you are trying to calm your nerves after you see Ashley Williams has made the lineup AGAIN.

Favorite Track: Subplots

Kopecky: Drug For The Modern Age

This is one of my favorite albums ever, so it doesn’t ever go out of style.

Press play and be whisked away into one of the most diverse, beautiful albums you’ve heard in a long time.

Trying to figure out your emotions as they pertain to Everton? This is the album for you.



Bringing a bit of 1950’s doo-wop to the rock scene, JD McPherson really hits his stride in this album.

There is something there for everyone, and you’ll no doubt be tapping your toes along to the tracks that drip with emotion and exuberance.

Looking for an album to get you revved up AND optimistic for a Toffees match?

Look no further!

Favorite Track: On the Lips