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Ronald Koeman on transfers, what did he really say?

Was the manager hitting out at the Everton board in his post-match press conference on Saturday?

Everton v Leicester City - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Sitting in the Everton press room following the 2-1 defeat to Leicester City on Saturday, I was expecting Ronald Koeman to be in a bad mood.

What followed was surprising, to say the least, as the Blues boss went on what has been perceived as a rant about the lack of transfer activity at Goodison Park so far this month.

He was clearly annoyed at the lack of business, especially after making it clear over the last two months who he wants to sign.

A lot has been said about his comments since then, so what exactly did the Dutchman say?

Well, here's the full transcript of his conference. Have a read and make up your own mind. Was Koeman criticising the Everton board and Steve Walsh?

Journalist: “Bad luck in the first place, but you must be very disappointed, especially after taking the lead in the first place.”

Ronald Koeman: “First of all, in my opinion, it’s not bad luck. We did it by ourselves. You’re right to say 1-0 up and unbelievable how we dropped back. A lack of concentration maybe after the one nil. If I see how they score the 1-1, no pressing on the ball, a pass inside of Seamus and Musa faster than three defenders. We know he is fast, and finally the 1-1. We did the most difficult to score the goal because Leicester was really defensive but okay we scored a goal and I don’t understand why we lost the game. There was no reason but if you play like we did after the 1-0 you ask for goals against.”

Journalist: “Everton’s tradition in the FA Cup is well known and the fans will be disappointed. It’s just the Premier League left now and it might seem to your supporters to be a very long run in until the end of the season.”

Koeman: “First of all everyone is disappointed, the second is, we are still in a good position in the table. I think we know, I know, what we need to change. If everybody opens his eyes today maybe we will get further on our improvement as a team because that’s really what the team needs. Okay, that is all about what happens this month.”

Journalist: “Improvement in the team often comes with the January transfer window through bringing new people in, have you got that in mind?”

Koeman: “You have that in mind and the board knows because we spoke together about what we need, what the team needs. That is the job of Steve Walsh and it’s my job. I hope the team realise that it needs to play and get results what the expectations are in this club.”

Journalist: “Bounce-back-ability is a word that’s often used, you’ve got Manchester City up next, and they’ve got to be up for that?”

Koeman: “Yeah but if we play like the last 30 minutes it can be the same result of yesterday at West Ham. That’s what you need and need to do better, need to improve for a different game. That’s about eight days but we lost today, what happens next week is not in my mind today.”

Journalist: “Do you think Ronald that more should have been done to improve the team by now?”

Koeman: “I can explain more but I don’t like because that’s really talks what we need to do inside. If a young player of 19 is today one of the best on the pitch I think it says enough.”

Journalist: “Ronald, any progress with Morgan Schneiderlin?”

Koeman: “ I do not know, I did not hear anything about it.”

Journalist: “What about Memphis Depay?”

Koeman: “I do not know.”