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Milan make ‘final’ offer for Deulofeu

Bid has been emailed in to Kenwright. What could go wrong?

Everton v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Gerard Deulofeu
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The chairman of Italian side AC Milan Adriano Galliano has told Italian media that he has made a ‘definitive’ offer to Everton for winger Gerard Deulofeu. The Blues had previously rebuffed the Rossoneri who wanted the player on a free loan.

Everton were reported to have asked that Milan include an option to buy in their bid for the player, and it appears that has been done. Speaking with this evening, Galliani said -

“We have presented a new offer to Everton: paid loan with option to buy. If they accept, that’s good, if not then we’ll have to move on,”

“We took a step forward, we hope they will take a step back and we’ll meet in the middle. We went from a dry loan to a paid loan with option to buy, we’ll see if they accept. We hope so.

“I sent an email 10 minutes ago with our definitive offer and we’ll see what happens.”

The Daily Mail later reported the terms of Milan’s offer - a £430,000 loan fee with an option to buy him for £15.5m at the end of the current season. They had original asked for a free loan which the Toffees had rejected outright.

Keeping in mind Koeman’s comments from earlier today when he said he wanted Deulofeu to get more playing time, it’s looking like this deal will finally be a go as long as the loan terms weren’t written by the West Ham board.